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"Create a science exhibition" to show the development of the National Aviation invite talented people in Hongkong round the sky dream – China News Agency, Hongkong, September 30 (reporter Yang). Hongkong has unique advantages in training personnel, R & D facilities." Chen Yong, chairman of the Hongkong science and Technology Commission in Hongkong, the creation of science Expo 2016, a forum issued an invitation to participate in the work of the relevant personnel to participate in the development of talent from. 24, the opening of the Expo heat unabated. Aviation is one of the eight exhibition, showing the development of national aviation science and technology, such as self-developed large passenger aircraft C919, transport, etc., continue to attract public attention. A "road" development of commercial aircraft Chinese innovation forum invited to introduce commercial aircraft design concept, characteristics and development process of Chen Yong, leaving the scene All seats are occupied. The aviation industry is known as the "flower of industry", and the aircraft manufacturing is a symbol of national scientific and technological strength. 2008 China commercial flight company was established, committed to independent research and development of large aircraft, has developed two aircraft: ARJ21 and C919, has received hundreds of orders worldwide, ARJ21 has been put into operation. Why develop large commercial aircraft? As given general designer Chen Yong ARJ21 explained: first, the current global transportation demand is very large, large commercial aircraft widely used is a good choice; secondly, the industry has obvious effect, can promote the industry number; third, as a high-tech product, its research and development for the development of national science and technology also has a strong leading role the. Hong Kong University Science & Technology, Pacific Aerospace Engineering machinery and aerospace engineering professor Zhang Xin, Hong Kong University Science & Technology set up aviation engineering degree, the first batch of 30 students have been enrolled. "We found that a lot of young people in Hongkong like this profession, the quality of students, teachers are also very good." In this regard, Chen Yong said that civil aircraft is a high-tech industry, is the key to economic restructuring, the need for high-tech talent, research facilities and R & D institutions. The mainland has set off aviation fever, many colleges and universities are related to professional. Hongkong has more unique advantages in training personnel, R & D facilities. Welcome to work together to upgrade the national commercial aircraft technology. "I have been to the University of science and technology today, and I was impressed by their laboratory." Chen Wenhong, director of the China business center, Hong Kong Polytech University also believes that, in addition to flight, there is a great opportunity in the field of aircraft maintenance. Hongkong has been in a leading position in the field, in recent years, some areas have been gradually catch up. "I hope that Hongkong can recover the original advantages, develop well, seize the opportunity." At present, there is no consideration for the development of supersonic aircraft?" "Is China’s commercial jet going to build a bigger plane?" The audience repeatedly asked the audience. Chen Yong answered one by one. The Expo is organized by the Hongkong foundation, set up 8 exhibition area and 11 expert forum. The aim is to give the public a clear understanding of the extraordinary achievements of the mainland’s science and technology, as well as the economic opportunities that science and technology can bring to Hongkong. At the same time, it also hopes to inspire young people to join the science and technology相关的主题文章: