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Relationships The dream-infused, model of change that I teach is very different from the one used in many schools of therapy. The therapeutic norm, a parody of assorted schools, is so proverbial that it’s become something of a cultural totem. A large number of therapists believe that in order to change, you have to go back to deep-seated negative experiences and experience them again. The idea is that people have negative experiences in life that build up inside them like mucus, until finally there’s no more room and they burst or overflow. The only way to get in touch with this process, the therapists say, is to re-experience the events and pain all over again and then to try to let it go once and for all. Everything in my experience tells me that is one of the least effective ways to help people with their problems. In the first place, when you ask people to go back and re-experience some terrible trauma, you’re putting them into the most painful, least resourceful state they can be in. If you put someone in an un-resourceful state, their chances of producing new resourceful behaviors and results are greatly diminished. Why are there so many boxes of tissue in a therapist office? In fact, this approach may even reinforce the painful or un-resourceful pattern. By, continually accessing neurological states of limitation and pain, it becomes much easier to trigger these states in the future. The more you relive an experience, the more likely you are to use it again. Maybe that’s why so many traditional therapies take so long to produce results. In fact, by mastering a simple understanding of how your brain works, you can become your own therapist; you unlock your inner greatness. You can go beyond therapy to being able to change any feeling, emotion, or behavior for yourself in a matter of moments. Producing powerful effective results begins, I believe, with creating a new model for the process of change. If you believe your problems store up inside you until they overflow, that’s exactly what you’ll experience. Instead of all the pain building up like some lethal fluid, I see our neurological activity as more like a dream world. What really happens is that human beings keep having experiences that are being photographed. We store them in the brain like pages of a photo album. As with the photos of an album, our memories in pictures can be played back at any time if the right stimulus in our environment is triggered, if the right photo is displayed. So we can choose to remember our experiences and create photos that recall "dreams" of happiness and joy, or we can have a nightmare that creates pain. If your therapeutic plan involves an album of nightmares that creates pain time and time again, you may be reinforcing the very negative state you wish to change. I think you need to do something completely different. Perhaps you could simply enhance your photo album so it creates a completely dream-infused world. You capture the same image, but instead of recalling the sad moment, it brings up an ecstatic one instead. Or else you could create a new photo journey, with only the memories you feel in your dreams. The point is, the photos that aren’t being displayed are not going to build up and explode. That’s absurd. And just as it’s a simple procedure to reorganize a photo album, it’s easy to change the ways we produce un-resourceful feelings and emotions. Your memories are nothing more than photo’s in an album. The feeling you captured as you remember it, because, someone else can look at the same photo and feel a completely opposite emotion. You are the photographer; within your photos are dreams, or nightmares. Create a dream-infused world; re-organize your album to only feel passion and love. You have greatness inside of you, because you do live in a dream world, where everything can change in an instant, as long as you’ve been visualizing! About the Author: Tollie Schmidt lived his life as the fat kid. His weight reached over 500 pounds. Losing over 300 pounds of fat, Tollie struggled with bulimia and became a personal trainer. Today, Tollie’s a highly sought after International Speaker, Author, Producer and Dreamer. Today our Youth have a voice for change. (Empowering Greatness for a Dream-Infused Life). Tollie’s Personal Site Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Relationships 相关的主题文章: