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Coulee nuozha anger hit black powder: I’m ugly you endured nausea you to spit – Sohu   entertainment; look handsome coulee nuozha     Sohu entertainment news September 1st, gulina Karzai made a public broadcast, she wore a white shirt, wearing a ball head capable, handsome appearance. Has been to "recruit black" Constitution itself in the coulee nuozha live in the face of "black powder" for a change, face the choke: "you go to nausea, nausea and vomit!" Fan: "nuozha brave face black powder, but there is little temper!" In the broadcast coulee nuozha draw a cartoon of the ambulance, naughty fans after watching the message: "simple style" live, also there is no lack of "black powder" to come to the onlookers, in the face of "black powder" said his Choushi, gulina Karzai outspoken retort: "ugly also endured!" In the video, nuozha white skin, there are users questioned: "you this is to rub the skin?" Nuozha responded that their facial allergies, but for the skin grinding effect, can not see.   gulina Karzai Zhang Han learned that the public broadcast live, get live in the capital will be used for the ambulance project, there are friends in the broadcast to ridicule Guli Nazha: "true!" In the face of such ridicule, is domineering reply coulee nuozha said they were in a good thing. Fans have said: "nuozha more domineering!" Of course, live alone coulee nuozha users are also frequently asked: "how can you, where did Zhang Han go?"相关的主题文章: