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"Detox" adorable baby cosmetics endorsements behavior Punishment — Finance — reporter recently from Shanghai city industry and Commerce Department was informed that since the new revised advertising law and the implementation of a year, the Shanghai industry and commerce departments to investigate and deal with violations of new advertising law cases 424, including false advertising, illegal use of advertising cases in absolute terms and illegal use of medical terminology multiple. It is reported that, in these cases, the contents of false and illegal use of absolute terms, the illegal use of drugs or medical and easily confused terms, is of high incidence of illegal advertising, together accounted for 64% of cases the total violation of advertising law. For example, Shanghai Jahwa Agel Ecommerce Ltd in the "GF cleanser" network propaganda page, use the "eliminate skin toxin, soothing anti-inflammatory" and other content, easy to use goods and selling drugs confuse the terms shall be sentenced to a fine of 150 thousand yuan. According to Ying Jun, director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce advertising agency, such illegal cases occur in the food, cosmetics and health related appliances and living products advertising. In fact, belongs to the medical terminology or medical terms, including anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, anti allergy, detoxification, blood circulation, removing blood stasis etc. can not be used in medical, pharmaceutical and medical device advertising; cosmetics, can not appear, antibacterial, sterilization, sterilization, antibacterial no.. Illegal use of absolute terms of advertising cases. If the school claimed that the "first annual innovis highest pass rate", "forecast sprint to ensure that more than 80% hit", also constitute false advertising, illegal use of the "perfect curriculum" and "curriculum system", "the highest price" absolute terms, and the illegal use of "to ensure that once through the civil service examination in Shanghai" the guarantee of commitment, shall be sentenced to a fine of 200 thousand yuan. Should Jun, one of the highlights of the new advertising law, code of conduct, from the aspects of rights claims, minors all-round protection. Such as minors under the age of 10 may not be endorsements, shall not be carried out in primary and secondary schools, kindergartens to carry out advertising activities, children’s channel shall not be issued liquor, cosmetics, beauty advertising and a series of regulations. Therefore, the business sector in law enforcement, but also for the protection of minors focused on monitoring. Jun: "we should be found in law enforcement, some training institutions, children’s brand star endorsement of the behavior of multiple children by micro-blog, WeChat and other public number." Such as "Da Da" in English in its own website advertising, with 10 under the age of 10 star’s image and these small stars or the guardian published in the Sina micro-blog micro-blog content screenshots, including small stars are parties to accept English training photos of training, positive evaluation of the content, using less than 10 years old minors as a spokesperson and the beneficiary name (image) as recommended, that is, according to law, a fine of 400 thousand yuan. Jun should be said for some still in advertising illegal use of minors under 10 years of age to the advertising business, regulators will pay close attention to, and strictly investigate and punish. According to Xinhua News Agency (commissioning editor: Qiao Xuefeng, Yang Xi)相关的主题文章: