Corrupt officials sacked bribery at the limelight after going back to the return of Commission – Bei liuxiaobo

Corrupt officials sacked bribery at the limelight after going back to the return of "Commission" – Beijing opened Li Jie’s record, he has served as secretary of Hainan Province, Haikou city traffic bureau of Haikou City, Meilan District, Meilan District party secretary, vice mayor of Haikou City, and other positions. In their place, their government, and he thought the most is not how to seek government is how to through the project, Tourist Bus Line management, project bidding, project management for property, bribes totaling more than 900 yuan. Especially after eighteen, still does not converge, not close hand, continue to make money. Power is given by the party and the people, must not become a commodity. No matter who is engaged in the transaction of power and money, the result is doomed to failure. Hainan city of Haikou Province, former deputy mayor Li Jie (Deputy departmental level) bribery case, Hainan province procuratorate 6 cases? Core 3 project in the Hainan provincial procuratorate designated jurisdiction, by the Hainan provincial procuratorate second branch investigation and prosecution to the court, Hainan second intermediate people’s court hearing the case. The court found that from 2004 to 2015, Li Jie use of his office, served as secretary of Haikou City Transportation Bureau of Haikou District, Meilan Meilan District CPC party secretary, vice mayor of Haikou City, for the benefit of others, accepting Hainan Fulong Group Limited 8 units and Chen Li 23 people given property, totaling 9 million yuan. When the day and identification value of 1.9 yuan of gold 2 yuan, his behavior constituted bribery. In August 19th this year, the Hainan second intermediate people’s Court of Li Jie bribery case was publicly sentenced to bribery and sentenced to imprisonment for eleven years in prison and fined RMB 1 million 600 thousand yuan. The chairman is Li Jie from financial engineering with a deputy department officials degenerate into a criminal, not in the slip seat of the deputy mayor. Compared with some of the higher level, the larger the amount of bribes sacked officials, Li Jie is planted on the project. He took part in the project and received a lot of benefits. As early as June 2007 day, Hainan Fulong Group Limited chairman Lawson Meilan District of Haikou City, mayor Li Jie foyo, to the city of Haikou in taking Hainan Traders Hotel (hereinafter referred to as the country’s first floor cafe Tea Hotel). During the meeting, Lo Fu Sheng said bluntly: "I heard that Li Chang, Meilan District, a staff housing project, see if you can give me?" "There is a garden residential project, can consider to you, but……" Li Jie is about to speak, but saying nothing. "Please rest assured your attention Lee District, a total of 2% for the fee according to the engineering." Work on the sly road – 2. On the afternoon of the meeting, Mr. Li Jie called Li Jie to meet in the parking lot at the Haikou national commercial hotel and put a $200 thousand paper bag on the back seat of the car. A few days later, Lao Fu Sheng is supported by the construction of the residential garden meilan. However, the weather is unpredictable. July 2008, former director of the Haikou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and health to the former Wang (already sentenced) to send money to the incident was investigated, due to active cooperation, has not been processed. If the labor Fu was afraid of a badly frightened person caught was soon found Li Jie.相关的主题文章: