Constellation Gemini true home said I am forced to break up Hui (map)

Constellation: Gemini true home said I am forced to break up Hui (map) and I love to Gemini, the Gemini home because I was a Muslim, consistent force us to break up, Gemini too listen to parents words, against a few times and he broke up with me…… Hey, can I wait for her if I wait? Sina users began to sign a lone wolf said to the Sina constellation Gemini love home said I am forced break up I am a Muslim Virgo boys, when I and Gemini girls met at a training company, then she looks simple, naive, lively, treat other people are very warm, willing to help others matchmaking. But such a warm woman herself in the end there is no boyfriend? If such a girl to marry home, will be very happy. Later, I met her fate, a lot of fate let us finally together. Get on stage is happy and sweet, but she is a bit too listen to parents words, in the beginning of dealing with her I asked her a question, if one day you meet the one you love but also love your man, but may not be satisfied your parents so how would you choose? She gave me the answer is that I may also be separated from the man, because she must be blessed with the blessing of marriage is happy…… At the beginning of love before I know her family is too traditional family in Beijing, when she was 25 years old before she basically belong to the blind and love others, but basically no one with her for more than two months, because all the people are disgusted with her not too love. Later I met, I let her have the courage to put such a feeling, she became my girlfriend, get along when between us, I have to forgive her care, sometimes like a father, sometimes like a husband, we have progressed rapidly, and her parents, her parents are very happy with me. But because I am Muslim identity (but I do not belong to the traditional sense of the Hui people, my parents are Han and Hui married), and so I do not have any relationship, never the traditional national. When her parents goodbye her parents have the objection, but later the girl felt so big and hard to find one of her good boy, about it, after a period of time to contact later her bestie, parents are very good to me. Let me feel a warm home, even if one day we are to discuss the things which the next day licensing. Just after we had finished our 100th anniversary, her mother asked me to go with her to see her grandmother, and later, is the beginning of her grandmother impressed me very well. Then I heard how I explain when to hui. And then that night cursed at her parents said that if I continue to contact with you to jump like her parents, and on the night she was always talk, but she still wanted to start the first time and family against the. So she insisted on me for a few days. But in the end did not insist on living, she suddenly had a lunch and I said the separation, said the family did not support us to continue to contact again, she felt that the family should respect the meaning?相关的主题文章: