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Business Have you ever thought of booking an Opera in Tokyo while sitting in US, yes this could be done if the Opera has a website and an online order processing system but, what if the Opera has no website? Then the Concierge emerges Concierge Companies are spread out locally, with international presence to provide localized services, whether you are in US, UK or in Srilanka. Concierge is a new way of lifestyle, from basic cinema ticket booking to wedding arrangement and international corporate meetings with diligence. What is Concierge? Best way to describe concierge is through example, have you noticed a Concierge Desk at the Hotel answering and arranging all what is required by the guest. It helps the guest to arrange tour, find out and book restaurants in town or arrange a corporate meeting place. Concierge is a French word, which means a person living in the same premises, and looking after the building maintenance, another word meaning describes concierge as a desk at the hotel fulfilling the wishes of the guest. Modern definition of concierge is a support to accomplish certain task with diligence and professionalism. Even today’s websites are Concierge as it helps to book travel, cinema tickets, seminar hall, event and more. Concierge service provider seeks for an opportunity on how to make the lifestyle of an individual stress free by providing helping hand to do some of his personal and business task through network of offices and professional staff countrywide and internationally. There are basically 3 types of concierge, namely Personal Concierge Office Concierge and Corporate Concierge. Personal Concierge: It deals with person support required to undertake personal task like regularly giving clothes in laundry, fixing a meeting with teacher at school and more. It is miraculous when this small job is taken care of so that a person can spend quality time with friends, family or at work. Office Concierge: There is so much to be done in office like arranging meetings, travel plan, office maintenance, pick and drop and more. All such small and big task are explained to a concierge company and it is done, even though the work that is to be accomplished is in town or outside the town, the concierge company ensures to get it done and on time. Corporate Concierge: Corporate concierge looks after the enterprise level demand, even the Government, Education Institution and Hospital comes under this category whereby Government seeks to arrange an Expo in country, they hire a Concierge or Event Management company to arrange it for them. Organization seeks for a concierge company to arrange meetings with overseas buyers. Here it is to clarify that Business Support Service, Trade Development Authority and Event Management firms are a kind of concierge providing specialized services. These days companies are converting in to specialized concierge service provider rather than a generalized service provider in previously. Further there is also SaaS (Software as a Service) websites that undertake a task of concierge, it gets complete information from the client and automatically process their request, one of the best example is the tour booking website that helps the user to plan the trip and get the best deal available online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: