Completion of M & a! Time network available production data, live product line-vstart

Completion of M & a! Time network available production data, the completion of the acquisition of live product line! The new starting time network: APP available production data, live product line (time network CEO Hou Kaiwen said Wanda cinema and time network is accelerating the integration of online and offline entertainment Tencent (Wen Chen Xiaonao) November 14th, Wanda cinema and time together in Beijing held a moving film ecological product strategy conference. Wanda cinema President Ceng Maojun introduced Wanda cinema’s performance in recent years and the strategic development goals, and for the first time the "mobile" written into the film Wanda life ecosystem strategy. Time network CEO Hou Kaiwen announced a new mobile products Mtime PRO (hereinafter referred to as the Professional Edition) and time to live (MtimeLive) on the line, the main movie promotion, media advertising, advertising business. Four months ago, Wanda cinema announcement, announced that a wholly-owned acquisition time network. With Wanda cinema on time net of merger is completed, both online and offline resources are fully open integration. 4 months, the time line on the electricity supplier and Wanda line under the store has achieved business consolidation, unified brand identity, unified background management, to achieve the derivative O2O services. At the same time, the team took over full time network technology for mobile terminal product development Wanda cinema, the two sides merged into the same technical team, for the B end and C end professionals viewing users to create a new mobile products. Completion of M & a! The new starting time network: APP available production data, live product line Mtime PRO new release, big data involves production field and time with Wanda cinema, Wanda means over 70 million large theater groups and members of the time the Internet billion online users (PC users 60 million, 80 million mobile end users) will open integration. This huge membership system, coupled with the sampling of hundreds of theaters each week, will generate a lot of film user data. In the production stage, Mtime PRO not only contains a movie data, but also extended to the perspective of "man", from "what" and "who shot", "schedule" in three aspects as film producers, investors to provide data services. For example, users can query the number of specific types of movies on the market, the average box office change trend, as well as the number of different box office segment distribution, the risk of investment control. Analysis of film data, but also down to the reference guide, in different types of movies at the box office, and other filmmakers cooperation, the producer can follow the film to build creative team, screening. In the movie release and release stage, Mtime PRO in addition to providing accurate and timely data for the user at the box office, row piece, box office also provides powerful contrast – optional film, theater, cinema, on the first day of data comparison, can also be similar to the query in the first week, the total film ticket real historical data and trend comparison. Hou Kaiwen said, the new professional version of the next phase will focus on the layout of the development of user data and provide analysis portraits for the film producer and producer, to help users complete complex film distribution and projection with the audience in the process of interaction, the characteristics of the target audience’s understanding of the film. According to reports, the network has become a global addition to.相关的主题文章: