Comments received stock index rose 0.36% heavyweights start both sides of fierce competition for 300-solid converter

Comments received: stock index rose 0.36% heavyweights start both sides of fierce competition for 3000 point hot column capital flows thousands of thousand shares stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Sina Financial News September 29th news, Thursday morning. Both the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city opened after the opening by the coal prices rising for 14 weeks and OPEC output to reach an agreement, the coal and oil sector rose, stock index is up slightly touched 3000 points, then the brokerage stocks rise behind the market, the stock index at 3000 power station. Afternoon opening, both sides of fierce competition for 3000 points, Shanghai refers to the expansion of weak shocks, long counterattack slightly subsided, volume is still in the doldrums. At the close, the stock index at 2998.48 points, or 0.36%, Shenzhen component index reported 10512.25 points, or 0.43%, entrepreneurship blackboard 2146.18 points, or 0.31%. The Shanghai stock market trading volume, turnover of 122 billion 700 million yuan, turnover of 200 billion 700 million yuan in Shenzhen, today the two cities a total turnover of 323 billion 400 million yuan. Disk, coal, petroleum, brokerage and other weight plate gainers, gaosongzhuan, touch screen, Internet, energy and shipping sectors led the airport. Plate coal industry overcapacity resolve action to achieve substantive results, the coal sector rose, Kailuan shares rose more than 5%, Yanzhou coal, Jizhong energy, Lu’an rose more than 4%, Xishan coal, Shaanxi coal, Yangquan coal stocks among the biggest gainers. For the first time to reach agreement to cut output OPEC8 years, oil sector performance is strong, the transit of energy rose more than 6%, Rongsheng Petrochemical rose more than 5%, Donghua energy, sage oil service, Huajin shares and other stocks among the biggest gainers. International milk prices rise into the channel, and the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day followed, the domestic price of milk ready to be added, the dairy sector trading higher, Tianrun dairy trading strong, a pioneer of new material, Huangshi, Jinjian rice industry group and other stocks among the biggest gainers. Outlook: today, Jufeng investment adviser, the two cities opened concussion, the continuation of the recent trend of repair. The disk, heavyweight line transaction, Shenzhen and Hong Kong through stimulating financial stocks strong people, but in the continuous rise of new shares, subject shares eye-catching performance; the news, HKEx said that the Hongkong market is expected to will do a good job of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the preparations for the implementation in the mid to late 11, but the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the opening time to be ready for market the mainland and Hongkong, and obtained the approval of the SFC to implement. Shenzhen Tong details before the holiday will come out, which give the market more expectation and imagination; technology, stock index today has showed a continuous upward trend of recovery, but the turnover is bad still Chonggao down, basically in accordance with the basic law before the holiday. Overall, the bulls in 3000 under the fierce counterattack, but before the funds do not approach the cause or effect and hard to maintain, before this kind of performance is also normal. But from the intraday heavyweight frequently changes obviously, stock index callback space is limited, the initiative back to attract capital to offer, and after a number of favorable advance, xianyihouyang stock index increase the probability of. Therefore, continue to hold before the main相关的主题文章: