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Come on, go to the wall "jet" out of your work together to create a powerful and unconstrained style technology – Sohu today, let’s talk about art. This is a car. This is a.. What’s that。 And I don’t know what it is.. In fact, this is a special wall. Graffiti wall.. It’s just a bit of art, it’s different. These graffiti walls are cool and wooden. Of course, the artist created a painting. How to do poorly enough art cells??? Then we can only rely on high-tech means to install X.. Will be a reflection of their own graffiti device – SprayPrinter.. Is not painted wall, with SprayPrinter not too simple.. First, create or select a pattern on the phone App!! Next, the phone camera aligned wall.. You will find photos in the form of augmented reality (AR) appear in the phone camera.. Adjust the size and location. Finally, with a SprayPrinter gun on the wall. The key to the SprayPrinter, combining AR technology, mobile phone will track on SprayPrinter LED to confirm the position, automatic recognition of what time the release of paint according to our pictures on the App release, what color of the paint, what time to stop the release of paint.. Next.. Close your eyes and enjoy the fun. Whether it is the wall of the home or car shell.. (supports many people at the same time graffiti) SprayPrinter will automatically contrast with the screen, the correction, do not worry about the emergence of large errors.. A new way of graffiti was born. How to paint on how to apply.. Finally, enjoy the fruits of science and technology.. Of course, white with a good. The artist or Pegasus star, something we cannot read. Shit Tucker industry, there are temperature, there is a taste of black science and technology public number, interested in the next.相关的主题文章: