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[color] many baby miser Shuangseqiu 16101st period: Basketball – Sohu Shuangseqiu 2016 amplitude rise 100th lottery results for 031022232729 + 04, out of two consecutive odd number group (2729), and only a slight fluctuation, and even numbers at the same time covering. Analysis of the double chromosphere 2016101 period forecast: the last two leading small fluctuations, 099 out of 01100 missing 11 cold code 03 covering, review leading data of nearly 10 period, can see the large amplitude of the phenomenon of frequent occurrence, 2016101 leading have large numerical probability, may be more than 06. A few recent Pteris ball 31-32-33-29, the number of small amplitude continuous walking, analysis from parity data Pteris, odd number of comparative advantage, the next 101 period even a counterattack in Pteris, beware of the 3 prefix interval cold code 30 rebound. A value of 100 red three partition is not changed, the trend remained at 2-1-3. The analysis of 2016101 red three Division: 100 a red ball out of the 0310 partition, partition a recently five period ball total is 8 pieces, after three numerical overall rise in the next 101, possibility of a sharp rise in the number of a partition is not high; 100 red two partition only opened 22, recently four period two district award overall, go cold, and in the 098 phase of the overall stock, the next 101 two partition should be considered in numerical prefix 1 rebound; 099-100 red three ball 23-27-33, 23-27-29 partition, two consecutive out all the odd number, weight code phenomenon more preferred, even a three partition next. A few recent basketball amplitude shocks down, 100 out of 2 points with the amplitude, the amplitude data of the latest 30 period, 2016101 period forecast basketball 4-7 amplitude has recovered the interval. Red blue forecast 8+2 number: 06,07,13,16,19,22,29,30 + 08,09 6+1:06,07,19,22,29,30 + 08 (source: color baby net)相关的主题文章: