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Collision of nine culture and mobile phone, a collection value – W2017 special science and technology Sohu scoop November 17th news: in 1824, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony premiered in Vienna, in the elegant western classical music scene, this work has won five thunderous applause. This symphony is recognized as the highest achievement in the field of symphony, Beethoven is the highest peak of his music career and summary. "Nine" is a mysterious figure, whether in the east or western culture, "Nine" has a rich meaning and legendary status. A novel, a piece of art, can spread to the nine generation, also must have extraordinary collection value. Thousand years of culture of "Nine" respect in our country, the reason why people put " nine " as in the eyes of their own " days; " and the most fabled figure, because the " nine " the symbolic meaning of this figure, in China can be said that the longest, involves is the most widely. " nine " different from the general figures, in ancient China is considered to be a mysterious figure, it is the first dragon totem of the text, and then evolved " Holy " meaning. Talent nine layer, extremely high; the city of Beijing has nine doors, Tiananmen city wide choice floor door, decorated with nine studs; and supremacy of the emperor, also known as the royal prerogative of " ". In western culture, "Nine" also has a good symbolic meaning. Astronomy has nine days, "there are nine angels in the Bible", "Nine" represents not only the supreme, is a symbol of success, because "Nine" is the expression of "three" and "three" in the extreme, western culture is harmonious idea. In addition, the Ninth "hermit" in the tarot, a symbol of wisdom, but in Western numerology, birthday with 9 people, talent is extraordinarily high, usually a loving man. Whether it is wisdom or noble, perfect or extreme, nine seems to be the fate of the legendary classic number. The heart of the world series of the 9 generation of Samsung W classical inheritance for a high-end mobile phone, always maintain a distinguished classic image and temperament is not easy, and the inheritance of 9 generation is still of concern is commendable. From 2008 to 2016, from W699 to W2017, the heart of the world series of Samsung W mobile phone as a fusion of high technology and the distinguished taste of classic, has launched the 9 generation of products. Originality Cuilian consistent from beginning to end each generation of products, which can withstand the harsh test time, keep the innate noble quality. Flip and physical buttons design, is still the heart of the world is a sign of the Samsung W2017, is a classic tribute to. The simple design style of metal and glass combination, highlights the delicate body high-grade material unique elegant and graceful. Call screen exclusive "heart of the world LOGO screen mobile phone, mobile phone unique interactive sound when closing, closing the lid after carefully designed the clock UX luxury in every detail of the pursuit, is to insist on holding the noble qualities. High end flagship phone is not common相关的主题文章: