Coach alone war 32 day machine video accused of false parties to respond-headache怎么读�

"Trainer independence war 32 Japanese planes" video was not real – refers to the parties to respond Beijing "my students have died, now that I’m the teacher." Have you ever touched this sentence? However, experts consult the relevant files, that many of the details of the story does not match with the historical data in recent days, a period of Anti Japanese air combat video, brush burst circle of friends. Video display, May 28, 1940, an air force officer alone driving trainer, rushed into the bombing of Chengdu on 32 aircraft fleet, culminating in the safe return of machine gun fire…… See a blood ruin Zhang video, netizens are the "air Zhao Zilong point like. However, according to the Chengdu Municipal Archives check, the May 28, 1940 bombing of the 98 year old record, at the same time surviving air defense veteran said, had not heard of such exciting things. Popular writer living in Japan found that video the instructor of a sentence touched countless Chinese famous expert on the history of the war, Japanese travel writer Sasu did not think, last year the Beijing youth channel broadcast a video war, recently suddenly lit up in the network. As the narrator of the story, he was pushed in the teeth of the storm. In the video, Sasu said, he visited the information war in Japan, a chance to receive this video. Video from two Japanese reporter Xiao Liu and Yagi shooting, is about May 28, 1940, the Japanese army sent 32 aircraft bombing of Chengdu. At that time, the Chinese Air Force’s combat aircraft has been all (Japanese) destroyed, the Japanese believe that the bombing will not be any resistance. However, the aircraft flew over the city of Chengdu, a China aircraft suddenly rushed into the Japanese fleet, "the Chinese aircraft to Japanese aircraft parts, played collapse to heaven, but did not play down, because his plane is too small." In the picture, Sasu continued to explain, said the plane in the siege of the Japanese aircraft, and finally killed out. At the same time, Sasu also found the pilot is a founder of the instructor, and the plane is China Air Force Trainer of Chengdu central school. While most people move, leaving instructors in my diary of a word, "my students have died, now that I’m the teacher." With this year’s "9, 3" victory day, this video caused a lot of people’s attention. The sky has the feeling of the hero, promising writer Sasu praise, but there are also experts and scholars on the authenticity of doubt. Doubtful points: the time of the incident in May 28, 1940, the Japanese bombing of Chengdu? Chengdu Archives: check the day without Japanese bombing records in May 28, 1940, there is no information on the day of the bombing of Chengdu." August 29th, the Chengdu Municipal Archives researcher Ji Yong told the Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter, a long time ago, he would have seen the video, after reading, I have doubts about the explanation of Sasu." By reading the national government at the time about air statistics, Ji Yong did not find that there were 32 Japanese air strikes in Chengdu in May 28th. During the Anti Japanese War, Chengdu suffered air raid statistics, in May 1940 there are two bombing plans相关的主题文章: