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Club ranking: three teams in the top 100 global FC Seoul 10- Sohu sports ranking screenshot Beijing time on September 19th, Holland football coach Statistical Institute (IFCStat) through its website clubworldranking announced the 2016 thirty-eighth FIFA Club World ranking. The total ranking again to promote a new ranking to thirty-eighth, Guangzhou Heng brigade still in the super team to lead the league in addition, Shanghai Shenhua, Jiangsu Suning and Shandong Luneng ranking were also slightly improved, and the total ranking has reached a historical high of the team. According to the ranking of world football club, over the past 52 weeks of the 14000 football match results as the basis for the statistics cover TOP40 of the world’s National League, domestic cup and TOP10 Club InterContinental tournament, and has a unique scoring standard, according to the event’s influence and the degree of competition in different weighting coefficients are adjusted, including the Super League club scoring in the Super League, FA Cup and AFC Champions League results, have higher timeliness. Back on track, on the weekend 6-2 victory over the Guangzhou Heng brigade, an increase of 91 points after a total ranking promotion points, the latest ranking of 38, just over two German clubs in Leverkusen and Wolfsburg teams, and Premiership giants Arsenal team compared to only 2 places on the gap. Shanghai port AFC Champions League 14 although the second leg of the final 0-5 defeat in the league, but was able to beat Hangzhou Greentown, the ranking is also slightly improved one, the latest ranking reached seventy-first on the There was no parallel in history., a TOP100 is also among the ranks of Jiangsu Suning, their ranking from 101 jump ninety-fifth, the total list of top 100 teams have three super team, it is also the best ranking history of Jiangsu suning. Also create a new high in the history of the super team on the list to occupy fourth of the Shandong Luneng, their latest ranking of the top 116th. In the Super League club list occupy five to ten were: Shanghai Shenhua, Guangzhou R & F, Henan Jianye, Beijing Guoan, Hebei Huaxia happiness, Chongqing lifan. In the week to join the two South Korean AFC Champions League league team to reach the semifinals of Seoul and the north of modern FC still occupy the top two positions in the Asian Club on the list, including FC Seoul total ranking does not change, is still tenth; Jeonbuk Hyundai will enhance one after the latest ranking of seventeenth. The other two AFC Champions League four teams ranked relatively general, Qatar army ranked 64. Despite the rise, but the total is still ranked only 247; ranking also raised 61 in the Al Ain team’s latest ranking is 238. The total list before the five teams did not change, followed by Barcelona, Bayern, Munich, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Seville, the Spanish team which occupy four seats. Under the guidance of Guardiola in the new season with 8 straight start Manchester City team ranking improved 5 after the one reached the top ten, the ranking for the eighth. (Zhuo Aoyou)相关的主题文章: