City of Victoria into the 100 thousand + luxury era is not the biggest selling point lot-7470d

Within the city of Victoria entered the 100 thousand era + luxury biggest selling point was not a lot to see comment: "a few days ago and her husband a mansion, residential environment is very pleasant, comfortable and spacious apartment layout, a favorite window, sunny, feel quite right in the apartment layout area, is the main project location in the vicinity of Zhongguancun, convenient for my husband go to work by bus." This comment is really fascinating, buy price 150 thousand, apartment layout area of 200 square above the house, spend at least 30 million yuan to take a bus convenient… Or the rich ideas… We don’t understand it (Xian Muzhong). But this is also seen from the side of the house is really good everywhere, go out to sit a bus are happy. Luxury is the current Beijing property market development trend, data show that as of the end of July 2016, the number of Beijing price "100 thousand +" nearly as much as 13 times higher than in 2013. Except as a seven seven beiheyan number (real estate information), with · outside No. 8 Xiaoyun Road, the old mansion has been opened, a large number of new city of new residential with great waves on the beach of the potential to enter the Beijing market, such as the famous Nongzhanguan plots rose from Beijing Chateau (real estate information), and it is located in the city of Longhu villa "personal independence of conduct" Chen Xi (the original real estate information), there are lakes beside the Beijing Investment Development of Kun yufu. The second half of 2016, in such a fierce competition in the property market, there are still a number of the pure new mansion, as in Fengtai Taihe compound (real estate information) and West Kunlun (real estate information) Huarun domain located in the west, near Deshengmen (real estate information) Chen Chun, the market saturated unsaturated do not know but, each house with a look at fiercely as a tiger does their own unique skills into the luxury market. In this connection, the Beijing property market has developed a confrontation between the East, Chaoyang, Dongcheng representatives, West to Haidian, Xicheng and Fengtai District as the representative. Fengtai District is the first time this year to join the battle area luxury. On the other hand, it will be divided into new luxury and old house confrontation, then, in the face of such fierce competition in the new market to rely on the capture of the city elite elite heart? A unique innovation of Longhu West Chen original cylinder, willow college wall, purple Chen homes (real estate information) of the tree, and the recent thaihot Xifu courtyard door, exactly 60 meters wide door courtyard club house, 8 metres high and 8 really thrilling, West courtyard Club covers an area of more than 4 thousand square meters, built over five star standard private clubs, equipped with dining, theater, swimming pool, children’s playground, billiard room, gym and other functions and medical service area. Is everything, to live here the city elite "a cut above others" service. Two, the killer landscape have the exclusive area of psychology, especially in city elite private garden is that they only essential killer of project, only located in the Sanhuan, city of Victoria region volume big new projects can be done, take Beijing No.1 Hospital, small private owners can enjoy the world’s only will the central Great Lakes, 53000 square meters of private exhibition after the lake, in the central city, enjoy the green ecological environment, very few people can enjoy the.相关的主题文章: