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CITS carry out a comprehensive self-examination unreasonable low price tour "- Sohu tour in October 2016 and the National Tourism Administration launched a nationwide special rectification action unreasonable low price. As the enterprises directly under the central China tourism group company’s travel agency business sector, CITS know oneself shoulder the social responsibility of the central enterprises, fully cooperate with the National Tourism Administration and tourism departments to carry out a comprehensive unreasonably low tour products self-examination, eliminate the sale of "unreasonable low price tour products, business model, to maintain a healthy and orderly market environment, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tourism consumers. All along, the unreasonable low price travel products greatly disrupted the normal order of the tourism market, against the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of tourists. CTS as enterprises directly under the central government, has always been adhering to the "customer first, honesty oriented, quality excellence poly heart" business philosophy, firmly support the National Tourism Bureau to carry out special rectification actions, actively cooperate with the National Tourism Administration on carrying out the deployment of special rectification actions. "The first time to the whole system of 128 elements of the company issued a notice requiring all companies attach great importance to understand the situation, unity of thinking, correct attitude, positive corresponding national tourism administration special action arrangement, consciously resist the unreasonable low price tour; to further carry out special self inspection work requirements owned enterprises, comprehensive clean-up unreasonable low price products, active off its own products, products of non-compliance. At the same time, the company responsible for the molecular and lack the relevant regulatory authorities to establish long-term supervision mechanism, strengthen the sense of quality, strengthen the product quality control, especially in Thailand, Yunnan, South Korea and other countries and regions of low-cost travel multiple long-term focus on monitoring, to ensure the quality of the products. "Clearly requires all companies must be in strict accordance with the administrative department of tourism and tourism team daily minimum consumption reference price and tourism product integrity guidance price policy formulation, to regulate the tourism market price order demonstration; from the quality and price at the same time, and resolutely resist the" unreasonable low price "products into the market, to create a reasonable and orderly market environment" no, the reasonable low price tour "special activities truly implemented. As the travel industry’s leading enterprises, CITS will continue to abide by the integrity of business philosophy, adhere to promote product innovation and quality service, conscientiously fulfill corporate social responsibility and civic duty, in order to promote the travel industry quality service, integrity management, to promote the orderly development of China tourism market and accelerate the Chinese tourism development of responsibility, and resolutely resist the unreasonable management behavior of low-cost travel.相关的主题文章: