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CIRC two working group stationed in life or facing the equity restructuring Sina Fuld fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Securities Times reporter from Fuld life insurance insiders department was informed that this Monday, CIRC life full-time working group Fude has officially entered the company. The number of Shenzhen insurance circles told reporters that there may be life facing restructuring fuld. The reporter tried to contact the flight life official verification restructuring news, the other said is not convenient to respond. China Insurance Regulatory Commission Working Group stationed in the arrival of the full-time working group, is the second time this year, the CIRC approach. In May 3rd this year, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission sent a work team to Fuld life research, led by deputy director for the Hainan insurance regulatory bureau to Xichun, members include the CIRC life insurance supervision department, investment department, development and reform department and financial department staff. According to media reports, according to the food situation in life, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission research group formed a research report, involving associated shareholders, funds and related transactions, cash flow and other problems. According to the research situation, the CIRC has also developed a corresponding emergency measures, restructuring is one of the options. However, the CIRC lasted 4 months investigation result has not been announced, life inside this silence also Fuld, let the real operating conditions of the company more whirling. For the flight life problem severity extent, really facing restructuring, takeover situation, a Shenzhen insurance circles that Fuld life body industry ranked in the top 10, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission had Fuld problem life held many meetings, hands remarkable degree. It is reported that the China Insurance Regulatory Commission has for 16 "too big to fail" insurance company issued the "Interim Measures for supervision of the importance of domestic insurance institutions system (Draft)", which ranked Fuld life. Two quarter net negative cash flow is suddenly facing the possibility of restructuring, business flight life how? The report shows that the flight life net profit of 9 billion 500 million yuan last year, but by the end of the first quarter, the company’s net profit is 3 billion 800 million yuan loss, the end of the two quarter loss narrowed to 2 billion 900 million yuan. An insurance industry said that last year and the first quarter of this year home life in the investment side of the operation is very radical, investment losses is one of the reasons for the company’s profit decline and solvency decline. The first half of the loss and also brought a large number of high price products and financial pressures on pay. Due to the large number of high price products due to surrender, the two quarter of this year, the net cash inflow Fuld life business of -52 billion yuan. In addition, the first quarter of this year, home life insurance business continued to invest capital in the stride forward singing militant songs, demand increases. It is understood that, as of March 10th this year, a total premium of life 2016 Fuld exceeded 100 billion yuan, an increase of 305.2%, the risk of an increase of 129.3%, an increase of 375.7% in bancassurance. However, with the deterioration of the financial situation相关的主题文章: