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Chu Hehan street, around the world’s longest the most beautiful pedestrian street – Sohu tourism has a familiar friend, know to go to Wuhan, and I have to say, must go to the Han street, is the real life of Wuhan arrived at the new. He should be, will go to. Because in the Royal Hotel, then entrance on the street, but downstairs very close distance, how can we miss. Because it has long been heard, Wuhan city seems to have become a new landmark in Wuhan, shopping, delicacy, the place to be petty. I just want to look at this city of Wuhan, in the end showing how a new look, the students career nowhere feelings, you have a new home. Impression of Wuhan, originally from Chi Li’s novel, a picture depicting the life of greater Wuhan. Midsummer night, people in the streets and lanes of cool air, half lying on a bamboo bed, fan fan, gossip. Or, 35 people together, a few edamame, duck neck, 35 bottles of beer, noise and excitement are submerged in the heat of the twilight. I arrived at the front and early life are depicted such novels. Although not elegant and delicate, but people have to love the infiltration in the life of fireworks taste. Later, the years gradually, gradually understand the gap in time to find things like. In a period of time, with a book called "Wuhan" local magazine, writing was straightforward, and combines with some elegant and local diners, idle away in seeking pleasure. For a long time, what you want, a search for hidden in the streets and lanes of the time-honored, gobble down the sweat runs down like raindrops. Sometimes, will dress up a fuss, to hide in a small building in the cafe, carefully read a book. At that time, there was no Han street. All in all, scattered in the big city. Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang are now concentrated together. Wuhan city is part of the Wuhan Central Cultural District, a total length of 1.5 km, is currently the longest China city commercial pedestrian street, is the world’s longest commercial pedestrian street. Even if you don’t linger on both sides to Lang full of shops, all go down, also need more than half an hour. Han street, the main building in architectural style, red and grey brick wall, exquisite brick moldings, doors, brass knocker, pitch carved lintel, Baroque style rolling pediment stone library door, the old wooden brick trail, paint the windows, in which, as if back in time. Han Street will be extremely fashionable elements of modern architecture and European style architecture in the Republic of China style architecture, to achieve the perfect integration of traditional and modern. Han street today, known as the modern "painting" is the most China architectural features of the city commercial pedestrian street. Apart from the unique in architectural style, but also a lot of Jingchu culture features in Han street. A few blocks between the square, respectively with the history of the most famous figures in the story named Boya sub period and flowing water, the lady Zhaojun are integrated into the new fearless of death for a just cause, the culture of Wuhan. Because of the street and along the south bank building, has the most abundant content of the commercial China, 0相关的主题文章: