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Chongqing woman was selling butt understanding comments: values still in – Beijing Women’s butt is understanding the value line still in Chongqing to sell melon woman Xiong Jing, riding a tricycle accidentally hit a seven year old man. Bear static condition is very poor, the injured son learned that the situation, said no compensation. But bear bear responsibility. Finally, the two sides reached a compromise approach, health care or family members pay, Xiong Jing help take care of the elderly. (August 24th due to bear static accidentally hit the seven year old man, according to the common sense in the families of the injured could make her take medicine. However, the families of the elderly and not as common matter, but made a surprise decision: do not need any compensation; and one party is to bear the static stage take medicine, although her family was very poor, but it insisted, but showed off her character. In the old man Xiong accidentally hit this thing, both elderly and young people, they persist in two-way, to tell people the truth, morality and conscience that the society does not decay, just overwhelmed by some sheer fallacy. In fact, there were many touching things in people around, even in the extreme atmosphere to help the elderly to take pictures ", there are a lot of young people adhere to the morality and conscience of their own, they do not listen to help the elderly to take pictures like" warning ", but as a basic moral and cling to people of conscience. In a civilized society, a form of helping others is their own dignity, because dignity will not exist independently, not superior with no reality whatever cloud, it must be related to produce itself and social significance. While helping others, understand others, show common, is actually to the same people unremitting maintenance is dignified. Xiong accidentally hit the old man, in this phase to let people see that, although the society exists such as butt escape, help the elderly to take photographs and other phenomena, but the soil and the root of moral conscience is still alive. The reason why people would like to them both "stick" to praise, in everyone’s heart, still tenaciously there watching and yearning for the social rules and moral conscience, such praise, but also all the people in the heart of a persistent attitude and moral conscience of the awakening. Ma Jinbiao相关的主题文章: