Chongqing housing prices staged fighting Chongqing property market is expected to bring new network 4000dy

Chongqing housing prices staged fighting is expected to improve the market take Chongqing – Beijing, Beijing, Chongqing, August 30 (Jiang Qinglin) since August, the land market supply and demand aspects of heating, hot, housing prices get enthusiastic. Insiders said that sales of housing prices better, abundant funds, so when the quality of the land mass market appears to grab the situation. 30, Chongqing three residential and commercial land in the delisting stage. China railway construction to 4 billion 80 million yuan competing Jiangbei District, the Guanyin Bridge group A part of the plot, the floor price of $5916 square meters, the premium rate of 36.49%. The land area of 175108 square meters, the starting price of $2 billion 989 million. It is worth noting that, on the same day, another case of Jiulongpo District Yangshi group Erlang town center area partition C3-4-3 No. 03 plots, by the China Railway eleven Bureau to take the listing stage, the total price of 780 million yuan, the turnover of the floor price of 3613 yuan per square meter, the plots for the two types of residential land, commercial land, commerce land. At present, China railway construction, Longhu, Jinke, poly, Dongyuan and other well-known housing prices this year in Chongqing land market gains. According to statistics, this year the take Lijia land premium rate of 70.5%; Longhu Zhaomu mountain land premium rate of 63.4%; Jinhui Yang Shi land premium rate of 62.87%; poly Dong River land premium rate of 58.01%. Why well-known real estate companies frequently shot to get? At the beginning of this year, the Chongqing municipal Party committee, municipal government formally promulgated the "Chongqing city to promote the supply side structural reform work plan" put forward clearly, Chongqing will intensify efforts to control the supply of land, within two years of land supply scale decreased year by year 10%. Data show that the first half of 2016, the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of land and public transfer of commercial, residential land operating a total of about 38 cases, down 38.7%; sell a total area of 2 million 736 thousand square meters, down 36.3%; the total turnover of 14 billion 530 million yuan, down 47.8%. On the one hand is to reduce the supply of land in Chongqing, led to housing prices in the land market active; on the other hand, is the developer of the Chongqing property market is expected to improve, hoping to have more abundant land reserves in Chongqing market." An industry analyst said. According to the world’s leading real estate service provider DTZ released the report, as the traditional off-season, July volume of 1 million 167 thousand square meters, down 14.1% from the previous month; the price of 6846 yuan per square meter, last month fell 225 yuan, but this year is still in a higher position. About to enter the golden nine silvers ten, plus Chongqing once a year in mid October Autumn Fair Housing turnover will push or rebound, is expected to sell part of the popular plots will be more popular.相关的主题文章: