Chinese wine culture collection Expo

The second Chinese wine culture collection Chinese wine culture collection Expo 11 moon phase by Beijing Chinese collectors association, Chinese collectors association business development department, Chinese tobacco tea collection Collectors Association Committee and Zunyi collectors association hosted the Expo will be held in Beijing on November 19th -20 held Xiedao resort. Wine culture, as one of the traditional Chinese culture, has not been widely disseminated. This China second wine culture collection Expo is mainly responsible for the China Collectors Association Deputy Secretary General Li Xiang introduced, this wine culture Expo will enhance to the depth of the wine culture, the benign development of Tibetan wine as the theme, to promote healthy drinking, wine business as the main purpose of publicity, publicity to promote wine culture, to promote the wine collection market booming. To reveal the characteristics of wine culture carrier for many, the Expo will be conducted to the exhibition, tasting, selection, trading, auctions and other forms of wine culture. It is understood that the Expo site will display more than 600 pieces of exhibits, including ancient wine utensils, historical data, all kinds of old wine, commemorative wine, wine and other precious exhibits old Chen and several wine enterprise storage. At the same time, like drinking wine collection visitors can also participate in wine tasting, Kam Po and other activities, the site will also have a free expert guidance and answering. The Expo unique creative combination of Xiangche and wine, let more than one car leader and storage has a history of one hundred years of national memory years old. Add a dash of color for the scene. Enterprises play an important role in the development of the wine culture in the process of propaganda, the Expo will invite Ji Keliang and Lai Gaohuai collection of wine industry leader, and the old wine collectors association president, China vice president of professional site for the participating enterprises to judge, the old wine market and the future development trend of the. In the field of wine expo held fair, Xiangpiao two sides cross – strait boutique wine? Wine auction can meet wine collectors of desire. The fair, liquor production enterprises, the strength of domestic collectors will take all kinds of old wine, wine, wine, commemorative edition of wine, and wine enterprises sealed old Chen base wine fairs. In the cross-strait boutique wine? Wine auction, for the national wine collectors, civil society, liquor production enterprises for the auction will be led by a team of experts in the identification of the authenticity of the quality, selection and publish the proceedings, invited auction companies organization auction. Activities throughout the industry experts to identify the authenticity of the strict control of the Expo exhibitors wine quality. The Expo will be the selection of the second Chinese wine culture collection exposition the most Collectible wine, 2016 Chinese liquor Collectible prize, 2016 prize, 2016 Chinese liquor investment value Chinese Wine Culture Creative Award, in 2016 the most Collectible base wine, in 2016 the most investment value of base liquor, wine business in 2016, 2016 Chinese collectors integrity unit Association of outstanding wine museum, the second Chinese wine culture collection Expo best organization award and other awards. After the end of the event will also be held love pat activities, so that the love to the needs of the land.相关的主题文章: