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Chinese highest law: the courts have been through the internet live trial 40 10000 – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Madelin) in November 5, President of the Supreme People’s court China Zhou Qiang in Beijing revealed that 5, as of October 16, 2016, China local courts at all levels through the internet live trial 432 thousand, click on the watch amounted to 1 billion 130 million people; the supreme law since July 1, 2016 all public hearing the case trial activities are broadcast via the Internet, as at 16 October, broadcast the trial 143 times, click to watch the 630 million passengers. The twelve session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress held a plenary meeting on the same day, Zhou Qiang made a report on Deepening Judicial Openness and promoting judicial justice at the meeting of the report on the same day, the twenty-fourth meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People’s congress. Zhou Qiang said in the report, the Chinese courts at all levels through the innovation of judicial public carrier, and effectively enhance the transparency of judicial work. At present, China has completed the trial process open network, referee documents open network, the implementation of information disclosure platform and other information platform. As of October 16th this year, the platform has been open 2 billion 550 million trial process information, more than 21 million 800 thousand referee instruments and the implementation of the 44 million 870 thousand information. In the disciplinary "Laolai", the courts China cumulative dishonest debtor information 5 million 440 thousand cases, take credit disciplinary measures 6 million 740 thousand people, 510 thousand dishonest debtor credit discipline by the initiative to fulfill the obligations. Zhou Qiang said that in recent years, the people’s court has made significant progress in Deepening Judicial Openness, promote judicial justice, and promote the quality of the court team to enhance and promote the concept of the rule of law in the whole society. But Zhou Qiang also admitted that the promotion of judicial openness is also facing some practical difficulties. The number of cases handled by the court continued to rise significantly, in the case of heavy handling cases, the referee documents online, the flow of information entry and other objective to increase the workload of the court. Some of the courts in the capital, facilities, human resources, technology, inadequate investment; some courts, especially the grassroots courts, funding and technical conditions are limited, the lack of operation and maintenance personnel. Zhou Qiang said that the next step will be to strengthen the Chinese courts of justice to protect people and property, and constantly improve the hardware facilities and technical conditions, strengthen the construction of information technology personnel, to provide protection for the public. (end)相关的主题文章: