Chinese fund managers in March the proportion of stock recommendations fell to nearly 1 years lows

Chinese next March stock fund manager recommended ratio dropped to nearly 1 year low of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina stocks warrants 30 pm Beijing time Reuters writes Lin Qi’s latest monthly survey, China fund managers over the next three months the stock positions recommended ratio continued down to nearly a year low. The domestic and overseas stock market shrinking sideways uncertainty increasing, many fund managers cut stock positions. The total of eight fund managers to participate in the survey, the proportion of the proposed stock fell to 68.1% this month, last month was $71.9%; the proposed bond ratio of $7.5% last month, was $8.8%; the proportion of cash recommendations for the month, last month was 19.4%. Although the U.S. interest rate hike has not yet cashed, but most likely in December, the window of interest rate hike for investors is still alert, market risk appetite may decline." Shanghai, a fund manager pointed out. Another fund manager believes that the fed to raise interest rates during the year is expected to have more fully, the Taiping overseas market or not stable, but Italy does not rule out the black swan event brought back in Europe next, the election results are variable, inflection point of global liquidity is also worried about the market, is expected in the four quarter of A shares the volatility will increase. Fed September meeting remains unchanged interest rates. And Italy will hold a referendum on constitutional reform in December 4th, the referendum results will determine the fate of the government of Italy. Seven fund managers for the next three months, the Shanghai composite index point estimate, with an average of 3014.3 points, slightly lower than 3028.6 points last month’s survey, but slightly higher than the current stock position. Most fund managers expect the central stability near 3000 points. * * * * financial stocks to hedge varieties survey this month, financial services stocks and electronic technology stocks average recommended ratio increased, but the increase of ratio of the automotive sector sharply last month this month dropped significantly, showing financial stocks become havens for undervalued stocks, with the new energy automotive theme tide of speculation, the the allocation ratio returned to normal levels. This month, the average share of financial services stocks recommended 15.6%, last month was $11.9%; the average monthly share ratio of auto equity was $4.4%, last month was $7.5%. The following are some of the details of the survey results (respondents should be required, will be randomly using a simple A-H code to estimate the various fund companies announced: 1) the fund suggested that the next three months asset allocation ratio (%): A B C D E code F G H  the average value of the stock 7070603050958585 68.1 bond 0030030000 7.5 303010702051515 24.4 2 cash fund companies suggest that average proportion of the next three months of asset allocation (%): January September August July June May 43相关的主题文章: