[Chinese football] Lippi and the opponent is not a big gap between the focus shifted to the Asian Cu-jiuyaogan

[Lippi] Chinese football: soccer with little difference between competitors did not qualify to key Asian Cup – Sports Sohu in November 15th, Chinese team will usher in the round of 12 Kunming heats the afterlife with Qatar team. Lippi served as coach of the national team, we have renewed confidence in the country. Lippi also said, hoping to create a miracle. The opponents of the Qatar team because charter plans to cancel the 13 day training course. Qatar charter blocked according to plan, Qatar plans to leave 13 days from Doha charter flights to Kunming. After arriving in Kunming, just 3 days away from the game, you can arrange for the training hall of the two, so that the players to adapt to the plateau. However, the plan can not keep up with the changes, Qatar team has not been able to charter flights to Kunming. Qatar team by Qatar Airways, which does not have much Hafei Kunming route permit. Therefore, the line is not recognized by the Civil Aviation Administration, Qatar’s charter no way to landing in Kunming long water airport. Qatar has repeatedly called the Chinese Football Association, I hope the Chinese Football Association to come forward to coordinate the matter, to be able to issue a route permit card airlines. To this end, the Chinese Football Association convened several meetings convened by the parties, even for the issue of route permits to the Ministry of foreign affairs, but ultimately failed due to various reasons. At the same time, the Qatar team to take the card Airlines aircraft itself is a lack of admission procedures, therefore, Qatar’s charter flights to Kunming plan failed. Finally, the Qatar team only from Doha flew to Thailand in Bangkok, Bangkok to take flight to Kunming airport. The latest news is that the Qatar team is expected to be 14 at 2:00 pm to Kunming, is expected to arrive at the hotel at 3. In this case, the team can only lay down their luggage, it is necessary to go to the field training. Although this is an accident, but the Charter fails, more or less will bring influence to the Qatar team, after all, different from other parts of Kunming, is a plateau stadium, the players need to adapt, but only one adaptation is enough, this is a question mark. In addition, after a turnaround and the long journey on the road, for their physical fitness is also affected. Therefore, this accident, the Chinese team is preparing for the crucial game, is a good news. Lippi: take a team to fight the national team since the 3 day, in addition to the 9 day off, the team has been training in Kunming Haigeng base. 14, the national team will go to the Tuodong stadium to adapt to the venue, so this is the team before the game in Haigeng base last practice. A few days ago, Cao Ding, Zhang Chengdong has appeared a number of injuries, 13 days of training, Mei fang did not appear on the training ground. The news said: "Mei fang in the hotel to make adjustments today". When the media asked the specific reasons, the official said, there is no reason, is a normal adjustment." In this period, Lippi called the national football training list, only Feng Xiaoting, Mei fang and Li Ang’s defenders, and 8 drow teaching match, Mei fang and Feng Xiaoting became the starting halfback combination, a few days before the training in Mei fang has been full.相关的主题文章: