Chinese and Siam War the Cantonese and Thailand political Zionism-月丘うさぎ

Chinese and Siam Cantonese and Thailand Zionist War: core political hint: Burma white king Xingbing 1767 invasion of Siam (Thailand), destroying its capital, Yu Tuo the occasion, a Guangdong Chinese traders son Zheng letter are rising in the world, take up the recovery of Siam industry, he expelled the Burma Army in China Merchants Group support, to rebuild the country on the throne. He can dominate life, finally only the wedding dress for others, died a tragic death, sadly sigh. Over the past two hundred or three hundred years in Chinese politics in Thailand actually has an important position, the establishment of today’s Thailand Bangkok Dynasty, which benefited from the leadership of the Zionist war Zheng letter, the royal family also has Chinese ancestry. 1767 Siam (Thailand) and the Burma military invasion resistance data the author of this paper is that Duan Yuhong, WeChat appeared in the public number: know "Thailand Bangkok Dynasty Ramah nine world emperor ascended the throne sixty-eighth years, that is May 2014, the Thailand Royal Army once again staged a military coup carnival, army chief General prayudh declared martial law, from a military takeover. In modern Thailand, the military coup is not so serious as homely food, like people think, usually in the important area of the capital before the implementation of the military control, and other life as usual, visitors and people laughing, often play a variety of POSE and duty soldiers posed for pictures, so it was like "carnival". The soldiers also have no ability to fully control the community, nor dare to long-term power, after all, sooner or later have to re election. Thailand media ASTV-Manager, has turned to a report Thaksin camp magazine, the report was on the royal family "disrespectful" means, "he said in the letter family Bangkok Dynasty the curse of the right, front and back cover are portraits of Thailand Chinese king" Zheng letter "and the Chinese Prime Minister" he believed ". The media concluded that Zheng and Thaksin have a lot in common: they have a similar pronunciation and spelling of the name (Taksin – letter, Thaksin – Thaksin), they are all northerners, they are of Chinese descent. Of course, they have a similar fate — political life at the end of the Bangkok Dynasty hands, the media did not directly make it, but people can also understand. His family from Guangdong and Bangkok Dynasty is a fellow pioneer. The picture shows the Thailand media cover jokingly put Chinese king Zheng letter and Chinese Prime Minister Thaksin on the front and back cover. Thaksin’s sister yingluck, may also be the world’s most beautiful and charming of the heads of government. This is just a joke, plausible, former Prime Minister Thaksin was overthrown in 2006 the army, the brother-in-law of Thaksin party Somchai was elected his successor, because the opposition did not feel "extermination", in 2008 passed the "judicial coup" forced Somchai step down, he also banned political participation in five years. Thaksin’s sister yingluck led by Thaksin party 2011 comeback, elected prime minister in May 7th this year by the "judicial coup" was ordered to resign, after having a military coup, Thailand’s military "caretaker" than he really caught, yingluck letter also unlucky. His family is from Guangdong Meizhou Hakka, originally named Qiu, overseas Chinese is sometimes called "Qiu Daxin", he called for "Qiu Yingle yingluck"; Thailand chinese.相关的主题文章: