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The wetland protection system in China gradually perfect (man and nature? Data) – social – newspaper in Harbin on 25 August,   (reporter Yuan Quan) recently, the national wetland protection management work conference informed the 2016 pilot National Wetland Park approval results, Shanxi Qianquan Lake 66 through the acceptance into a "National Wetland park". Hebei Feng Ninghai, leaving the map and other 21 did not pass the acceptance, the deadline for rectification. Jilin, Fujian old elm River Ningde East Lake, Henan Yanshi Yiluo River 3 cancel the pilot qualifications. During the period of 12th Five-Year, the national wetland protection has achieved remarkable results. The central government allocated 5 billion 500 million yuan to invest in wetland protection, an increase of more than times of "11th Five-Year". At present, China’s wetland protection system gradually perfect, the country has 49 wetlands of international importance Wetland Nature Reserve, Wetland Park 602, more than 1 thousand, the natural wetland protection rate increased from ten 35% years ago to 46.8% now, the initial formation of the Wetland Nature Reserve, the park as the main body, other forms of mutual protection for the wetland protection management system of the. The meeting proposed that by 2020, the national wetland area of not less than 800 million acres, wetland protection rate of up to 50%, the overall stability of wetland ecological functions. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 26 August (23 Edition): Malaysia may commissioning editor (Intern), Liu Rong)相关的主题文章: