China’s Ministry of transport will accelerate the promotion and use of etc from three aspects – Chin

China Department of transportation will accelerate from three aspects of popularization and application of ETC Beijing in new Beijing on 28 September, (reporter Zhou Yin) Chinese said the Ministry of transport spokesman Xu Chengguang 28 at a news conference in Beijing, China ETC networking system is currently the world’s longest in history, the most, the scale and customer site trading the most rapidly growing highway intelligent charging system. Over the past year, it has achieved obvious economic and social benefits. The next step, the Ministry of transport will accelerate the popularization and application of ETC from three aspects: one is to continue to increase efforts to further improve the ETC user development, social awareness, build a standardized and convenient ETC customer service system, and constantly improve the quality of customer service, promote ETC service standardization, facilitation and market. Two is to continue to strengthen the safety of ETC system, to promote the localization of key ETC upgrade, continuously improving the performance of the ETC system, the smooth transition of good old card users, improve ETC Lane pass rate, to ensure national ETC network system is safe, stable and efficient operation. Three is to accelerate the development and popularization of ETC application. For example: operating vehicle to promote the use of non cash payment, the specific operation to solve truck toll roads to offset problems; combined with the integration of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region to transport, postal vehicles for the pilot, explore the standard van ETC traffic lanes; explore the implementation of ETC system is widely used in Highway Service area, city parking and other traffic field, for ETC users to provide more convenience. Xu Chengguang stressed that the national ETC network to break the traditional pattern of highway management, China province province, province service operation, entered a new era of national "a net", has achieved a significant change management mode of highway traffic modernization, effectively boosting the construction of highway transportation supply side structural reform and comprehensive transportation system. Preliminary estimates by the Ministry of transport, ETC to achieve national network operations a year, a total of 80 thousand tons of fuel saving vehicles, energy savings of about 700 million yuan, 190 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions reduction of 634 tons, emissions of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emissions 23 thousand and 800 tons. (end)相关的主题文章: