China 5g key technical performance test completed-aapt.exe

The key technology of 5G Chinese performance test is completed in September 23rd Beijing Economic Daily News reporter Huang Xin learned from the Ministry confirmed: the first stage Chinese 5G test has just ended, the main performance test of key technology of 5G and wireless network has been completed, which further enhances the 5G industry to promote technological innovation and development of confidence. Ministry of information and communication development division smell library introduction, China’s 5G technology research and development since the start of January this year, is divided into three key technical verification, technical program validation and system program validation. According to IMT-2020 (5G) to promote the introduction of the group, the first phase of key technologies, including large antennas, new multiple access, new multi carrier, high frequency communications, such as 7 key wireless technologies. At present, it has been fully verified the feasibility of the above key technologies in support of Gbps user experience rate, the end of the millisecond delay, the need for a variety of 5G million per square kilometer connection scenarios. Wen said the library, 5G will be a global standard. That is to say, the relevant technical standards Chinese enterprise proposed in the 5G standard, the greater the proportion has more chance to get the higher industrial competitiveness and greater market share in the future of 5G and related industrial chain. The communications industry experts, Dumbo President Xiang Ligang said that the terminal will be 5G times from PC, the transition to the hundreds of millions of mobile phone. Both watches, bracelets, glasses, clothes and other wearable devices, or drones, unmanned vehicles and so on, everything will be connected to the network, it will fully release billions of intelligent devices and data generated potential.相关的主题文章: