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Chinese 4 million 900 thousand "break" is restricted to fly the original title: Chinese 4 million 900 thousand "break" is restricted by plane in Beijing on 1 November, (reporter Zhou Rui) Chinese deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission Lian Weiliang said in Beijing on November 1st, breaking the Joint Disciplinary Mechanism Based on China currently has a total limit of flight 4 million 908 thousand passengers, the train ride limit 1 million 650 thousand passengers. Lian Weiliang said, recently, Chinese accelerate the construction of social credit system, a breakthrough in a number of areas and key links, to carry out a comprehensive and trustworthy joint incentive and faithless joint discipline to create the conditions to provide support. First, the establishment of a unified social credit code system, so that each natural person, legal person and other organizations have a unique identity. Two is the establishment of a national credit information sharing platform to become the main hub of credit information sharing, and promote the solution to the problem of "isolated island". At present, China Unicom platform has 37 departments and all provinces and autonomous regions, a total accumulation of more than 640 million kinds of credit information. Three is the opening of the credit China website, the site has more than 500 thousand visits per day, received widespread attention and praise. Four is to cultivate and standardize the credit services market, and vigorously promote the government and social credit agencies, commissioned by the third party credit agencies involved in the construction of key areas of credit. Five is the city as the carrier to promote the construction of credit pilot demonstration. At present, 43 city to create a social credit system construction demonstration city, support the city actively explore the red blacklist system, combined with the incentive and Joint Disciplinary aspects. Lian Weiliang said that the national development and Reform Commission, together with the people’s Bank of China, has worked with more than and 40 departments, has jointly signed a joint disciplinary cooperation memorandum in 8 areas. He said, according to incomplete statistics, for those who have been dishonest, the cumulative limit of 4 million 908 thousand passengers on the plane, limiting the number of people traveling by train 1 million 650 thousand. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, a cumulative limit of 2822 loans, limiting the use of credit cards for the 210 thousand pen. Sesame credit cumulative punishment 511 thousand passengers high consumption. Relevant departments to limit the declaration of government investment on the 10 billion yuan, the formation of a strong deterrent to illegal dishonesty, more than 400 thousand of the debtor to perform the obligations of the debtor. Lian Weiliang said that at present, there are more than 100 enterprises credit institutions in the people’s Bank for the record, there are 8 personal credit institutions approved by the business to carry out the preparatory work, which is an important force in the implementation of trustworthy incentives and promises disciplinary joint joint. He stressed that the disciplinary and trustworthy incentive method, is a measure, but not the ultimate goal, the purpose is to arouse the attention of the government departments and all sectors of society, the formation of the correct orientation than dishonesty, not dishonesty, not dishonesty, perceived trustworthiness in the whole society, to make joint incentive object more and more, more and more Joint Disciplinary object less, to create a good atmosphere of honesty and trustworthiness. (end) editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: