Chery won the national quality award quality support enterprises in Beijing –

Chery won the National Quality Award – quality support enterprise ingenuity Beijing Beijing in September 27, in September 20th 23 held the thirty-eighth National Congress of quality management group, Chery optimization QC (quality control) team won the highest award conference — results table "prize" (national only 7). This is the second in July this year, Chery won the national machinery industry quality "double generation" awards, once again won the national quality award. National quality management team meeting since 1978, has been held 38 times, is currently the largest and highest quality standards in the field of the meeting. The meeting was published in 48 subjects, each subject represents the highest level of a province or an industry. The conference organizers also arranged for Chery optimization QC team repeatedly won the national quality award, will be published over the years made wonderful video, at the opening point of the cycle play promotion, highly praised by the participants and widely recognized. As a city’s conscience, reflected in the invisible sewer network. Chery to customer’s conscience and ingenuity, more on the "invisible" quality improvement. The strategic transformation of the past few years, Chery has combed the nine operating system and development system, establish international standards and V type positive development process, provides system guarantee for improving the quality of optimization and management level, to create high-quality products. Since Chery Tiggo 7 strategy into the 2 era, relying on Chery technology 2, 2, 2, three international quality upgrade plan, to the consumer experience as the core, to improve the product "face value" and "connotation", to create Neiwaijianxiu boutique models. The AI Ruize 5, Tiggo 7 as the representative of the second generation of products, has been able to "independent performance leading, quality beyond the joint venture", is behind the "invisible" quality support. As a positive development system is increasingly perfect, the team is more mature, more sophisticated, more stringent standard process, dedicated to the optimization and the quality of the pursuit of Chery, will create excellent brand with ingenuity, ushered in the new stage of the two leap ".相关的主题文章: