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Chengdu municipal government in response to shared deduction storm: bicycle to study to standardize the management of original title: Chengdu municipal government responded to sharing storm: encourage new bicycle deduction mode, pay close attention to the study of standardized management of Sichuan online news: Recently, Chengdu Tianfu new City Huayang Street office management office on the part of the road sharing on bicycle clean move away. Has aroused wide public concern. November 27th, the Secretary General of the Chengdu municipal government, municipal government spokesman Zhang Zhenghong on the public concern, sharing bicycle related issues, an interview with reporters. Reporter: shared bicycle to a certain extent, the convenience of the public travel, I would like to ask the Chengdu municipal government is how to treat the "shared bicycle" this way of travel? Zhang Zhenghong: Recently, Huobian Chengdu "shared bicycle", provides a new choice for people to travel to travel to the public, "the last mile" to provide a great convenience, causing some popular and hot, the municipal Party committee, municipal government is also highly concerned about. Chengdu has always attached importance to the concept of green development, and actively advocate and support the public to choose the green low-carbon travel, including bicycles, the general public to respond positively, is an important force to promote the city’s green development. We encourage and support the "shared bicycle, new models, new business development in Chengdu, and hope that all types of enterprises to provide more thoughtful and convenient and safe services based on the needs of the people and work together to build Chengdu into a green and low carbon city. Reporter: the bike sharing "in Huayang" experience ", the municipal government is how to treat the" bicycle sharing "in Chengdu management? Zhang Zhenghong: we note that the "shared bicycle to bring you convenience, there are also some problems that can not be ignored, such as embezzlement, non-standard blind lane parking problem. We can not simply say "NO", also be indifferent to the laissez faire, the municipal government has asked the urban management, traffic control and other related departments to study how to standardize the management and orderly operation, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, protect the legitimate interests of enterprises, promote the sustained and healthy development of industry.相关的主题文章: