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Cheng Tingting: [Love Teeth Day] teeth protection aspects of Sohu is crucial to the baby baby baby teeth. Healthy teeth is not only related to chewing ability, also have a direct effect on the growth and appearance of permanent teeth after. If the improper protection, it is likely to have a great impact on the child’s psychological, serious will lead to the occurrence of autism. So, how to care for baby teeth? Love Teeth Day to the end of the Sohu, maternal special invitation to children dental expert Cheng Tingting, to tell us something about the baby teeth protection aspects, come together to learn it! Cheng Tingting: Smail C is currently a dental expert. Bethune graduated from the Medical University, oral clinical professional after graduation, Professor Benson Zhang for orthodontic teeth in children, early correction, juvenile and adult contact with rich experience, has repeatedly went to Peking University School of Stomatology for further study, treatment concepts and international standards, to treat patients with warm and thoughtful, vital for the patient treatment plan. Effect of small teeth caries, may cause the child with autism! Mother: what are the main role of the Sohu teeth? Cheng Tingting: we are the first deciduous teeth of human adorable, but also an important part of children’s chewable organs. Its function is mainly divided into three aspects. First, deciduous teeth is conducive to the growth and development of children. Childhood is a period of strong growth and development of children, normal teeth can play good masticatory function, healthy teeth help digestion, and then contribute to maxillofacial normal development. Second, there is the formation of deciduous teeth and permanent teeth to adorable columns. The teeth on the tooth is adorable could be induced by the loss of teeth, if prematurely, it often leads to permanent teeth are not neat. One of the most common phenomenon is the second molars of children, that is when he before age six teeth second primary molars caries were removed prematurely, not as soon as possible to do space maintainer, resulting in six age teeth grow in advance before the subsequent shift, caused by the gap angle, then one after another the second premolar grew out of the gap, the lack of children, long crooked teeth, this is a very common clinical example. Third, it is conducive to the protection of teeth pronunciation and psychological function. The children start period is adorable baby teeth learn pronunciation mainly during the talk, if at this time the child’s large area of deciduous teeth caries or early loss, there is a certain effect on children’s psychology, the child will feel better than others. The most serious, we have seen some children because of the child’s dental caries caused by his autism, which is the most serious one, of course, we do not want to see this situation. From the birth of the baby teeth protection should start Sohu: there is a direct relationship between maternal nutrition and genetic health and pregnant mother’s teeth? Cheng Tingting: deciduous tooth is formed in the beginning of fetal 6-7 weeks, then need a variety of nutrients and strong gums. There are five key nutrients. The first is the intake of vitamin D. Vitamin D has a strong supporting role on the formation of primary teeth. The second is calcium. If in the fetal growth will show calcification blocked, and morphological change in deciduous teeth defect after the color of the adorable. Third。相关的主题文章: