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Travel-and-Leisure When you mention chauffeur driven cars or if we just mention the word chauffeur, what exactly is the first thing that pops into your head? Do you think of chauffeur driven cars with a Parker style character behind the wheel transporting the rich elite like a wealthy businessman on his way to a corporate event or maybe a celebrity driven to a movie premiere? Maybe you associate a driver with limo hire, and that it is a service used by those on hen nights and teens going to their prom night? Those beliefs are true to a certain level, but only covers a portion of what a .pany can offer and to whom. Chauffeur services are varied and include the transportation of business executives, airport transfers, social occasions, sporting events, wedding car provision, VIP tours and long distance travel. Rationale for hiring a chauffeur can be as varied and can include the .pany management trying to impress potential customers and key partners. It can be private individuals looking to make an impact on the guests at a party or social gathering or it could simply be a businessperson who finds it is a perfect way to relax between meetings; allowing them to focus on what is important, without the usual worries about getting there on time or parking. Chauffeur driven cars are no longer exclusively for the wealthy and famous, and should be considered as a practical alternative to the plane, and train on long trips. And if you wish, as an affordable way to have some fun for the day. Think of this when you are next faced with a journey that requires you to fly or take the train, what would you rather do? Drive to the nearest parking lot of your departure area, fight your way through the crowd, while carrying luggage to the check-in desk and then wait around until you are ready to go? Or would you rather make a phone call and have a chauffeur remove the strain and stress of the journey, by picking you up at your door, and then have him drop you off at your exact destination; which means you will not be suffering from worry and fatigue? Should you chose the latter option, the next step is to decide what makes a good chauffeur hire .pany and chauffeur. What you should be looking for is a .pany whose chauffeur staff are not just drivers but posses relevant additional attributes that add to your safety, .fort and experience. What this means is a chauffeur hire .pany that gets their staff from the police, the military, fire service and paramedics. The reason is that these people will have experience and knowledge of driving under the most demanding of conditions, they are trained in the way of advanced road craft and as a result the emergency response driver will be a notch above a regular driver. Also their medical and road traffic accident expertise will undoubtedly be an added bonus. A top quality driver will also be expected to plan their routes with added points of interest that are suitable for their client, plot safe places to take breaks, and act on all client requests. Also a superior chauffeur hire .pany should be able to provide access to additional services such as concierge and security, which means that they have the capability to deal with all manner of client requirements. As a result you have the freeing of valuable time and will allow focus on what is important. Any chauffeur hire business you are looking to employ should have well maintained and modern vehicles to offer.And finally, make sure that they include around 200 to 300 miles of travel before they start to charge a mileage excess. For further information about this article or if you have a general query then please contact us via the information contained on this page or visit our website. 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