Central bank’s media vigilance property market high fever hidden risks (video) freelander2

The central bank’s media Alert: the property market "high fever" hidden risks of second tier property market staged crazy scene: the first 500 thousand then Yaohao election room only 1 minutes… The current part of the property market, apparently in a high fever state. In recent years, the real estate market seems to be taking over the first half of last year the stock market frenzy, parts of the city house prices continued to rise, trading volume continued to enlarge, interpretation of a bull market. Since then, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and other first tier cities, and then spread to the second tier cities of Xiamen, Nanjing, Suzhou and Hefei. In this process, such as "husband and wife to buy a fake divorce", "a reproduction of day CD" and other news to stimulate people’s nerves. Statistics also show that the real estate market, "high fever". Data show that in August the national 100 city (New) residential average price of 12270 yuan per square meter, up 2.17%, or 0.54 percentage points last month to expand; rose 13.75%, also rose 1.36 percentage points to expand. This is the country’s 100 cities (New) residential average price rose for the 15 consecutive month. The property market continued hot recently, trance people back a few years ago the national real estate prices rose years in that round of market high fever, the state introduced called "real estate regulation policy history of the most stringent, curb housing prices was increase significantly the momentum. Just recently, with the first tier cities in the property market regulation and control policies, some real estate prices rose a larger second tier cities have also introduced measures related to real estate regulation. For example, Xiamen recently restarted the purchase of the policy, following the second Suzhou to restart the policy of the city, and Hefei, Nanjing, Wuhan and other cities, but also the introduction of relevant regulatory measures. Worrying is that the current part of the city’s property market high fever state, is evolving towards the direction of the bubble. According to the definition of the American scholar Berg Kim, the real estate bubble can be understood as real estate prices continue to rise in a continuous process, the rising prices make people produce prices will further rise is expected, and continue to attract new buyers. With the continuous rise in prices and speculative capital continued to increase, the price of real estate is much higher than the corresponding physical prices, which led to the real estate bubble. If in accordance with this definition, the current part of the property market in China has become a bubble state. The "people’s Daily" published the "authority" to talk about the economic situation of the article points out that the house is a place for people to live, this position cannot deviate by the people of the town to stock, rather than by adding leverage to stock, to gradually improve the differentiated regulation policy of the central tube, macro as the main body of the party. The article on economic risk that, especially private enterprises investment fell sharply, the real estate bubble, overcapacity, local debt, bad loans, stocks, currencies, bonds, illegal fund-raising risk points increased. We must see that the huge volume of the real estate market, once the bubble burst, prices fell sharply, will bring a wide range of economic and social impact, the industry is the ten crisis of the real estate, said the nine. There are brokerage macro study pointed out that because the real estate cycle is the mother of the economy.相关的主题文章: