CDs short no with the property, you can not do xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

CDS NO, the property market short? You can’t do that "the legitimate property market is at the top of the dispute", Dealers Association launched CDS so many investors excited — this is the "big short" in the "private secret bet against the housing market"? In the face of such problems, many industry insiders have said on "First Financial Daily" reporter, "in China CDS short property market, you really want to." In theory, CDS speculative play can be copied, but in reality is very stringent restrictions, the possibility of using the CDS short of the property market is basically zero. This reporter interviewed a number of people in the industry understand that restrictions are mainly embodied in three aspects, one is the participation threshold is high, the two is separated under the supervision of CDS cannot cover all the debt, three of the mortgage based assets identification information. The mysterious CDS2008 subprime mortgage crisis has a profound impact on the global economy, all walks of life are in the study and reflection, the film "big bear" is one of them. This film is not long but the sequence of events, on the eve of the outbreak of crisis, describes how the financial elite use a variety of complex financial derivative tools, gingerly to the extreme risk of trading. When MBS (mortgage backed securitization) was sold out, bankers invented the riskier CDO (collateralized debt obligations), and then invented the CDO CDO, escalating risk. Layer by layer, until people can bet on their assets, and no one can tell how much the risk of the underlying assets. Christian played by Michael, the heavy metal rock will be separated from the fool himself. In the calculation of day and night, he first discovered the problem. To him as the representative of the big bear in the property market is about to collapse after the beginning of the whole market to find short tools. Without tools, make a tool. Michael took a stack of contract quickly between banks, to buy a thing called CDS. Take the other half believe and half doubt come to the "cheap" left, then looked at Michael like a fool. Then Michael began to wait for a few seconds of death. Tick, tick, with his heavy metal music hide their nerves, watching the market and dance continues to expand, clients and colleagues suspected that quiet self gaze drove him to the brink of insanity. Finally, he was waiting for this moment, the world has collapsed, only he holds a lot of CDS won the final victory. The so-called credit default swaps (CDS, Credit Default Swap, hereinafter referred to as CDS) also known as credit default swaps, is one of the most important credit risk mitigation tool for OTC, is currently the world’s most widely traded OTC credit derivatives. CDS first appeared in the United States, since 1995, experienced in 1996 to 2001 period of stable development after being excessive speculation and the rapid growth. Until after the outbreak of the subprime mortgage crisis, the big bear for the first time this risk trading new play into the public view. According to industry research in September 27th released the industry and credit report, as of 20.相关的主题文章: