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The 2016 Guangzhou auto show Gold 86 thousand and 800 – Sohu pedicle Aziz sale

The 2016 Guangzhou auto show: Gold 86 thousand and 800 – Aziz pedicle sale car / automobile Sohu Sohu 2016 Guangzhou auto show]2016 Guangzhou auto show, Mianyang Jinbei its new compact SUV products with Aziz pre-sale price officially announced, the pre-sale price of 86 thousand and 800 yuan. With a rich design Aziz Acura MDX shadow, with a lot of new external CHROME SILVER material and decorative embellishment, body size, length and breadth were 4745mm 1856mm 1710mm, wheelbase 2725mm. Interior, the new interior of the use of two-color design, with a large area of silver decorative plate and flat bottom design of three multi-function steering wheel. In addition to increase the texture, the new interior also joined the suture design. The configuration, with AZ will have a panoramic sunroof, LED daytime running lights, automatic headlights, keyless entry, a key start, reversing radar, cruise control, console screen and Bluetooth configuration utility. Power, power has two optional pedicle Aziz, 1.5T turbocharged engine, the maximum output power of 113kW, peak torque of 220Nm, transmission system match is the 6 speed manual gearbox, equipped with dual mass flywheel. Another power for the 1.6T twin turbo turbo direct injection engine, maximum output power of 150kW, peak torque 280Nm.相关的主题文章:

[map] Geely imperial GL Car Buying manual – Auto Sohu-9c8996

[map] Geely imperial GL Car Buying manual – Sohu automobile Sohu [] with the new car joint venture brands dropping prices, for the independent brand blindly retreat has no meaning, build quality frontal attack is the survival of the road ahead. In September 20, 2016, Geely imperial GL officially listed as a new model of the positioning of Geely brand strategy, starting price of 78 thousand and 800 yuan and A+ car that it will be directed at the joint venture brand. But with the body size and configuration advantages, imperial GL also has a good competitive power, can be said to be the future car field after Geely Dorsett new growth point. Which in the listing of the 7 models which is the most recommended? Here we resolve for you. – to positioning cover market segments, at present, the independent brand basic to the entry level + standard compact compact + medium (A-, A, B) of the products covered car market layout. In the imperial GL before the listing, Geely also to + + brilliant lineup of imperial vision maintained the traditional layout. With the imperial GL listed, positioning its A+ will open up new market segments between imperial and brilliant. – Overview – configuration analysis models mentioned above, the difference of basic parameters of the imperial GL mainly concentrated in power, for consumers will first determine buy 1.3T models or 1.8L models. While the two imperial power configuration, GL also gives a different focus, which 1.8L models contain entry configuration models, the top model is only equivalent to the entry-level 1.3T models, so the price is low, and the count of 3000 yuan manufacturers purchase tax subsidies, the overall pays more attention to the price, for a limited budget relative friend; and 1.3T the initial configuration models of high top models is reached 113 thousand and 800 yuan, for the budget and friends have asked for the power and configuration. And we will analyze the two powertrain models for you to choose. (Editor: Li Wei)相关的主题文章:

Fujian High Court nearly 3 years the province’s Court concluded the telecommunications network

Fujian High Court: nearly 3 years the province’s Court concluded the telecommunications network fraud 1663 – Fujian channel — original title: Fujian High Court: nearly 3 years the province’s Court concluded the telecommunications network fraud 1663 pieces of information: on September 9, 2016, Fujian County of Anxi province held the integrity of the building of thousands of people congress to set the power of the county, resolutely eradicate telecommunications the crime of fraud cancer. Liu Boyi photo shortly before, Shandong prospective college students were the death of telecommunications fraud sudden news triggered widespread concern in the community, the 8 suspects in the case, there are more than from Fujian. The Ministry of public security in September 26th 10 large public wanted telecommunications network fraud fugitives, there are 6 people from Fujian. Fujian telecommunications fraud in the end how serious? In this regard, the Fujian Provincial Higher People’s court vice president Xie Kaihong in September 30th in the press briefing, the supreme law, since 2014, the province’s courts concluded the telecommunications network fraud crimes 1663 3484 people. The 1 to August this year concluded 464 895 people. In contrast, telecommunications fraud cases in Beijing is relatively small. According to this time to attend the briefing of the Beijing Municipal Higher People’s court vice president, spokesman An Fengde introduced since 2013, the Beijing Court concluded a total of 59 cases related to various types of telecommunications fraud, sentenced to more than 405 penalty. In recent years, the network and Telecommunications fraud cases to 20% – 30% per year rate of rapid growth. Telecommunications fraud presents obvious non contact characteristics, space span, chain length, wide masses, impossible to guard against modus operandi especially since August this year, Shandong, Guangdong, for students after the death of the fraud case, extremely bad influence. For telecommunications fraud, the problem is more prominent in Fujian, the official has taken many measures, such as the Fujian provincial Party Committee earlier this year to determine the governance of telecommunications network fraud crime is one of the province’s "six special" key work. The court in Fujian, Xie Kaihong, first of all, in the trial, the ringleader, the court not only to crack down on fraud in the telecommunications network backbone members, recidivist, recidivist, and punished according to the law in some segments of the telecommunications network fraud and related criminal activities, efforts to combat fraud in the telecommunications network and cut off the chain. Not only in strict accordance with the criminals sentenced to punishment according to law, and punishment for property, and increase the stolen money recovered efforts, and never let the criminals obtain illegal benefits in economy. At the same time, resolutely implement the criminal policy of combining punishment with leniency, has surrendered, meritorious service to tuizang, to help arrest accomplices of criminals according to the circumstances, be lenient, to disintegrate criminals. Secondly, pay attention to business guidance, uniform referee scale. The new type of fraud crime is a new type of crime, the means of crime are various, and there are many problems in the trial practice. Pay attention to the high court of Fujian to strengthen the characteristics of the crime and the trial practice difficulties and hot issues of investigation, analysis, research, strengthen professional guidance for the province’s courts at all levels, regulate the legal application standard, the referee uniform scale, and strive to achieve precision strike. Moreover, close coordination and cooperation, the formation of work相关的主题文章:

The easiest to buy the 5 cities released! North Canton read to cry-wh60a

The easiest to buy the 5 cities released! Beishangguang reading to cry Chinese recently, real estate "overheating" situation of the market and the nerve of social tensions, lasted more than a month the amount of price rising. According to the statistics of the relevant agencies of China’s 31 provinces and municipalities in the real estate prices, the average price of nearly two of Beijing, Nanjing, the average price of $20 thousand to become the most expensive second tier provincial capital of the city of. The most surprising is that the top 10 times in Beijing and Yinchuan prices reached the bottom, between Beijing and Yinchuan 1 suites, 1 toilets, is synonymous. The 31 provincial capitals and municipalities housing data believe that most people see this set of data, will be around the high prices overawed, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, just a two house, is easily millionaire level. But in fact, in the high prices of the city, most people will not because of soaring high prices and enjoy the joy of wealth increases, on the contrary, many people feel deep anxiety, happiness fell sharply. According to a set of wage data in the second quarter, Beijing Shanghai although wages than any other city, but if the monthly salary for purchase, the purchasing power of some second tier city and had a difference of several times. The second quarter of city white-collar salary list to buy the most easily the most difficult to buy a house from the data we can see that the average monthly wage in Guiyang although less than Beijing nearly 3000 yuan monthly salary, but Guiyang can purchase the area of Beijing is 5.6 times, in other words, if it is not to eat or drink, Guiyang to buy a toilet almost 6 months, while Beijing needs at least about 34 months, is almost 3 years!! But if it is to buy 100 flat house, results will be more terror, Guiyang do not eat or drink to buy 100 flat house almost 94 months, which is nearly 8 years, Beijing needs 526 months, nearly 44 years to buy enough 100! Only a few 44 years of life, ah, living in the Beijing people’s Congress for half a lifetime to work hard for a house…… So, a toilet in Beijing for a suite can be said that the high prices in Beijing, a house worth, but it also shows that the Beijing high prices on the other hand, the level of people’s life and happiness rather than Guiyang, Yinchuan, the second small city. But the more brutal reality is that with the spread of heat prices growing line of the city also joined the ranks of skyrocketing housing prices, a lot of "drift" and "Shanghai drift" to go home buyers desire has become more and more serious, perhaps in the near future, we will likely face a wide north can not afford to buy the real money home, but can not buy the real scene ".相关的主题文章:

The latest rich list published in Quanzhou after 80 wealth over 12 billion yuan Sicong-爱多vcd

The latest rich list published in Quanzhou after 80 wealth over 12 billion yuan Sicong today (October 31st), the Hurun Research Institute released the   one of the "Hurun top 2016 Hurun rich list" 80, the Hurun Research Institute released the first official this list, including 80 "self-made rich list" and "80’s wealth inheritance list", the deadline for the August 15, 2016 list of wealth calculation. "Rich list" – 80 start empty-handed 21 80 successful entrepreneurs on the list, 5 more than last year. Total wealth of 159 billion 500 million, the average wealth of 7 billion 600 million. Yu Woo – handing the 36 year old Wang Qicheng and 35 year old Wu Yan and his wife became one of the richest tycoons to start empty-handed 80 24 billion 500 million. Wu Yan is also the only female entrepreneurs on the list. The second is Xinjiang 36 year old Wang Tao, the wealth of 24 billion yuan; again is a 33 year old drops Chengwei and good future of the 36 year old Zhang Bangxin, the wealth of 13 billion yuan respectively. The average age of 34, among them, 30 year old science and technology vocabulary section Wei became the youngest 80 start empty-handed rich, followed by automobile parts of the century Huatong 31 year old Shao Heng and public comment on the 31 year old Zhang Xuhao. No 90". Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou is a gathering place for young entrepreneurs. Beijing 80 start empty-handed s most, 7; followed by Shanghai and Shenzhen, with 4 people; once again, Hangzhou, 3; Guangzhou, Xiamen and Shaoxing each have 1 people. It is worth mentioning that, Xiamen has become the cradle of entrepreneurial projects. The basic work in the IT industry. In this year’s list of the number of the largest increase in financial investment in the industry, 80 start empty-handed list only strong and micro credit network Jiuding Wu Yao wang. Source: "2016 garden city forest? Hurun" Cheng Wei had worked at the Alibaba for eight years. Founded in 2012, small orange science and technology, launched a mobile phone taxi drops taxi software. Last year, drops taxi and fast taxi strategy merger, drops taxi renamed as drops travel". In June this year, the number of trips to complete a new round of actual total up to 50 billion of equity financing. In August, the acquisition of Uber china. Liu Chuanzhi, daughter of the current president of the president of the trickle trip, Liu Qing. Didi platform has more than 15 million drivers, but recently proposed about the provisions of the car network management bill on the impact of large drops. Cheng Wei and the United States Snapchat Bobby? Murphy and Ivan? Is the world’s fastest spicker Young Turks reached $one billion start empty-handed rich, only for a period of 3 years. Hu Run said: I think the most recent breakthrough in recent years, a software." Zhang Bangxin is the only one in the education industry. From the tutor, and later co founded several university students learning and thinking, specialized in extracurricular training in primary and secondary schools. In 2010, shares on the NYSE officially listed for trading. In 2013, then changed its name to the future. This year, Zhang Bangxin wealth doubled to 13 billion yuan ranked "2016 Hurun" 213rd. .相关的主题文章: