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Brain waves may be the future of the VR can help you draw your

Brain waves may be the future of the VR: can help you to draw the girlfriend of the text VR dimension of the first two days of the sun in the VR dimension, we see that VR has begun to integrate into the sense of touch, smell and taste and other common human consciousness. It is said that the reason why people have so many "feel", the main reason is that the brain receives a signal from the signal to tell you that the pain is not painful, not bitter. A big hole in the brain, if the reverse? The brain waves release a signal, which is received by VR, and then draws out what you think. Don’t think this is a science fiction. MindMaze helmet turns your brain waves into virtual reality Swiss start-up company MindMaze is expanding its VR technology from the medical field to the mainstream world. The company’s VR helmet can read players’ brain waves, and use the data to help them relax and play games. The team received a $8 million 500 thousand angel investment, hoping to put a few products to the market. Some people record the experience of the process: there is a MindMaze called "NeuroGoggles" VR helmet, in the choice of AR mode, you can see the virtual flame from the tip of the finger out. They also use a strip of paper to put an ECG sensor on my head, and use the TV to direct my brain activity. On the other table, they use a full set of sensors to measure the degree of relaxation, and use the level of relaxation to provide a power supply for a glowing ball in front of the screen. I try to relax, next to a MindMaze employee and I was a luminous ball "tug of war". MindMaze also has a similar Kinect camera that can track my 3D campaign. There are some similarities between the company’s plans and the Leap Motion. For example, players can make the game’s virtual avatar imitate their every move. MindMaze began to develop 3D tracking technology, is intended for stroke, amputation, spinal cord and brain injury patients to help. The drama "doctor Moorhouse" in an episode, a patient’s hand amputated, Dr. Moorhouse found the patient very easily lead to phantomlimbpain anger. He eased the pain with a box. Inside the box was a mirror, and the box was divided into two sides, and the patient placed his arms on either side of the mirror, and when the patient moved one of his arms, he could see that the other arm was moving. The study also found no conclusive evidence, proof of the mirror box really can alleviate phantom limb pain, but the facts have proved that this control can help stroke patients recover limb. MindMaze also uses this mechanism, but the use of virtual limbs. As long as the patient moves a good hand, a mirror virtual hand can do the same. MindMaze CEO and founder Studi (Tej Tadi) said that in the future the company sells this device, consumers can use it to enhance their mental health, you can also use it to play games. "In the short term, the first thing we want to do is to launch a new game platform," said Tadic. "It’s more real than real life!相关的主题文章:

The preliminary review – Super foreign aid Korea explosion cold streak Uzi shine-8l9840

Nicks hutch can coexist? The chemical reaction determines how far can Ross and Anthony be able to spark any sina sports news Beijing time on September 7th, according to U.S. media reports, in the new season is about to begin, Nicks New York team not only in the health concern the team, another thing to headache is the problem of chemical reactions between Cameron Anthony and Derek Ross. For the new season, Nicks, the first thing to worry about is their new point guard Derek – Ross. Ross’s health is the most important factors influencing the Nicks season trend, but there are also many other things to decide in the end they are able to make the playoffs, one of which is a chemical reaction between Ross and Anthony. Last season, Nicks has been a point guard on the lack of a core figure. After joining Ross, the team has finally had an offensive at the end of the ability to exercise and explosive core control point. Play on a Anthony and a health needs the ball star or in the 2010-11 season, when he was traded from the Nuggets just over, and he was forced to share forward Amare Stoudemire. When the two offensive players present at the same time will conflict, they need to go to the ball lead the attack, which requires one person not on the court in order to more effectively play the ability of each person. Ross and Anthony seem to have this problem, they all need to have the ball in hand. In addition, Ross is a player who needs a lot of shots. Last season, Ross played 15.9 times in every game ranked first in the bulls, more than his all star teammate Jimmy – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -. He averaged ninth points per game in all points, while his field was ranked in the Eleventh place. Anthony is also the most frequent shots in the team, 18.2 times per game, Nicks. If the new season behind Nicks in a game, the time remaining ten, who will take the last shot is that person? Anthony or Ross? Two of them are at the critical moment to withstand the pressure hit lore ball is famous. Will Ross be willing to step back into the second option? Will Anthony and Ross be more productive at the same time? If it were you, who would you vote for? The Nicks team in the offseason and introduced many reinforcements, the new season if they stay healthy, Anthony and Ross were also able to cooperate tacit understanding, Nicks will have to return to the NBA playoffs, and even the impact of Lebron James and his knights for Eastern rule. (Yun Yan)相关的主题文章:

A new strategy to fund into the meat and potatoes of 500 million yuan scale covering more than 80%

A new strategy to fund into the meat and potatoes of 500 million yuan scale covering more than 80% of the shares of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The Securities Times reporter Wang Rui, with the accelerated pace of IPOs, the main strategy to fight the new fund income is even more impressive, once regarded as chicken ribs to fight the new strategy is only a means of thickening of the income of the fund, now with attractive yields, as funds sought meat and potatoes again. It is understood that the recent multi flexible allocation of funds have been raised in advance to set up the end of the target location for the fight. In July this year, the establishment of a new strategy to play the main fund, the class C share of the current yield has reached 7%." Beijing, a medium-sized fund company marketing department told reporters. With IPO steadily, once regarded as chicken ribs to fight the new strategy with its attractive yields, are sought after again. According to the reporter, the newly established fund in the near future, a large proportion of flexible configuration hybrid funds, which, many funds will be raised in advance of the end of the day. A fund company sources told reporters that the majority of these funds to fight the new main strategy for the outsourcing of customized funds. In fact, bank’s capital investment basic YISHION bonds, the financial risk appetite is low, even if the new fund to fight almost no risk, but still belongs to equity assets, therefore, conservative banking outsourcing funds is irresistible. However, with the intensification of the shortage of assets, and the rapid decline in the rate of return on assets, playing more and more foreign funds to attract new. Since only a small part of the funds needed to build the bottom of the warehouse, the new fund does not need to take up too much money, and be able to thickening fund performance. With the issue of new shares, the new strategy has been playing a variety of eligible fund applications, even the number of funds are frequently involved in the. "The current debt stocks are very difficult to obtain a larger income, but can increase the income of the fund’s strategy at this stage will be applied, the equity fund can have more investment strategy, or the new play now more important." A quantitative fund manager said. In addition, many of the use of capital preservation strategy of the two debt based in the early stage is also focused on playing a new low risk investment strategy. According to brokerage forecast data, as at the end of the first half of this year, new shares under the net purchase limit for a median of 267 million yuan, 3~4 billion yuan scale fund covering more than 70% of the shares, 500 million yuan scale covering more than 80% of the shares, the size of the new fund to fight 3~20 billion in net, investors may be concerned about. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

Sitting in the network about cars 90% users should first look at the price-jiqingwuyuetian

Sitting in the network about cars? 90% friends to look at the price of more than 7700 journalists randomly selected messages over seven pairs of fare rise feel obvious rejection, undue deductions are still Legal Evening News (reporter Xie Jiale) the day before, about the new car network released "full moon", the local management rules also take shape. Everywhere in the access threshold, the operating mode has made a variety of restrictions. At the same time, drops, excellent step after the merger of the two big network about the car, the network about the original car service problems still exist. Only in Beijing this month, the passengers had to ride to work by bus driver, the driver right way to play mobile phone, not on the passenger chargeback system has problems. In this regard, the reporter intercepted more than 7700 messages from multiple channels, 7 netizens said, obviously felt the price; nearly half of users believe that, if the net car about losing the price advantage, better selection of safety, road cooked taxi; as for the net about the car industry chaos, super 3 users said that the current network the car about the undue deductions, chaos increases, detours, refusing other more serious problems, the 36.9% friends suggested that platform to strengthen internal supervision, smooth reporting channels. Worldcn before about the car don’t cut off the way "in the introduction of the new deal, about the car to obtain legal status drops, excellent step enterprises because of low price, pay attention to service in the market competition, has won the favor of consumers. The introduction of the new deal, access to legal status, which should be an important opportunity for the development of these networks about the car platform. However, we are sorry to see, was righting the network about the car seems to be all of a sudden, cattle up, not only the old problems are not cured, but also quickly added a new syndrome". For example, in the car, the driver of the network management, some enterprises about the car "suck" as in the past, but also out of the vehicle deck, passengers were driven off, pull so many airline stewardess secretly play live fresh thing "; in the price, because it is cheap to gather popularity. By now the results also rise ceaselessly, nearly half of the users said — the same price, it is better to choose a taxi driver, relatively more people recognize the road, passengers are more secure. A few days ago there was news that the Ministry of Commerce has drops, yuho merger launched an antitrust investigation, we expect that this investigation can become a "model", this is because the alleged monopoly clues have emerged in the past, when the "price war" into a favorable price, then consumers it is difficult to guarantee. For the traditional taxi industry, pride and backward network about cars is shown after righting it can become an opportunity for traditional monopoly was wrecked by taxi, now may wish to use their own resources and strengths to cast aside the children to develop their own network about cars, and the existing platform to compete. In the era of rapid development, the market leader is likely to be "three years Hedong Hexi three years, baobuqi who talent shows itself in competition. In short, the "New Deal" under the network about the car position, if cannot commit themselves to fully protect the interests of consumers, so the market share will decline with the reputation of declining. With the increase in management costs, of course, the appropriate price rise相关的主题文章:

Army test base to test more than 70% of the conventional weapons of the armed forces – People’s

A test base more than 70% army Army test of conventional weapons — Jiangsu windows — original title: a test base more than 70% army Army test of conventional weapons "king of the Marines" race, officers and soldiers driving tanks 96A team won the first; "field kitchen" shooting game, I cook in the use of domestic 95 automatic battle rifle, with a total score of 116 won the championship…… Even Japan, from the international arena to upload news contest, let the army a test base of soldiers feel relieved. The first driving test of a 96A tank sergeant Ding Kesheng a face of pride. 95 automatic rifle type test director, senior engineer Huang Xueying confidence: "I have confidence in my hand by setting the armed forces of the gun!" As China’s earliest form, Asia’s largest and most comprehensive national range, a test base of the army is mainly responsible to army weapons, both sea and air forces, police weapons, rocket design, test, identification, setting task. The Al Qaida leader said that since the formation of the base, test and evaluation of weapon equipment accounted for more than 70% of the conventional army weapons and equipment, has more than 1000 kinds of weapons and equipment from here into the class row, the battalion to the battlefield, toward the blue sky sea, highlighting the power in the international arena, joint military drill and other major military operations. Aimed at the future battlefield test equipment, they created the test quality management system covering the whole process of the experiment, strict control of experimental conditions, test data acquisition, test data analysis and other checkpoints, improve safety and reliability, environmental adaptability assessment program. Aiming at cultivating talents in tomorrow’s war, they set up a complex command team, which is a combination of technology and technology, to seize the leading edge of the expert team, and to tackle the key technical team. Forging a world-class conventional weapons walking sonorous, recent research achievements of the base have successively won the national, ministries, army level scientific and technological progress awards more than 500, which was the first national science and technology conference in recognition of the project 5, National Science and technology progress award two prize 4, military science and technology progress award 11. (commissioning editor Zhang Xin and Tang Lu)相关的主题文章: