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Characteristics of high temperature and high pressure photochemical reactor|Characteristics of high temperature and high pressure photochemical reactor


high temperature and high pressure photochemical reaction kettle , high pressure window micro reactor , parallel reaction hydrogenation reactor

  , CO2 photochemical reaction under high pressure carbon dioxide reduction, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide reduction of CO2 methanol CH3OH CO2 reduction methane CH4, nitrogen oxides NOx, reductive degradation of formaldehyde photocatalytic degradation of   in areas such as high pressure, high temperature and high pressure; photochemical reactor can be suitable for small sample reaction is the ideal reaction device expensive or low volume samples of raw material testing. The reaction conditions of photochemical reactor are carried out under high temperature and high pressure, so the high photochemical reactor itself, and photochemical reactor of the prior art mirror and the kettle cover and the gland flange sealing effect is not good, sealing a kettle body and a kettle cover of high temperature and high pressure on the other hand, the existing photochemical reactor in the sealing mode is not reasonable, the unreasonable result can not be accurately located in the installation process.

high temperature and high pressure photochemical reactor, patented products, all of the above problems are solved, please refer to the high temperature and high pressure photochemical reactor technical description

Computer controlled micro reactor -Easychem reactor laboratory equipment|Computer controlled micro reactor -Easychem reactor laboratory equipment


  reactor laboratory equipment: according to ergonomic design, each product has a beautiful and practical design. From manufacturing to assembly process every stage, all the details are better. The products tested and have superior value and reliable service. It is based on these factors, the micro reactor achievements of today’s good reputation, and is widely regarded as the industry’s most secure, sophisticated, simple instrument manufacturers. Easychem reactor C series automatic reactor 2014 turned out to subvert the traditional, when innovation, become a kind of belief, perfectionism is no longer a vision, but a flow of genes in vivo. C series automatic reactor main types: C100 automatic reactor, C250 automatic reactor, C500 automatic reactor, C1000 automatic reactor, C2000 automatic reactor, five models, are equipped with EasychemC control system, the corresponding volume were 100ML, 250ML, 500ML, 1000ML 2000ML., reasonable components, adhere to quality, perfect matching.

Stainless steel reactor repair knowledge|Stainless steel reactor repair knowledge

stainless steel reactor repair knowledge

1, unscrew the nut on the cover of the reaction kettle reactor material will be removed, if the reaction of flammable or toxic medium should be clean.
2, the reaction kettle cover component with a magnetic stirrer together down, wrench the magnetic stirrer disassembly.
3, the top cap sealing and cooling body and the sealing cover body is connected with the thread is dismounted, the seal cover body with internal and external magnetic steel rotor and the stirring shaft out, this body support cooling off.
4, remove and replace the graphite sleeve. In order to prevent the high temperature expansion shaft, squeeze stirring shaft, shaft sleeve should adopt the gap with graphite composite. As with a tight, assembly need grinding sleeve.
5, hand hold on the stirring shaft, the inner magnetic rotor and a top head to poke out, then remove and replace graphite sleeve.
6, note: when loading and unloading will be outside the magnet by a large magnetic force to the magnet rotor inward inhaled, don’t squeeze hands when loading and unloading.
7, the stirring shaft wear serious need to be replaced, the mating surfaces must be smooth. The new change of the manual turning sleeve should operate freely, shall not block clamping phenomenon.
9, upper and lower bearings are all re installed, should be air tightness test. Confirm that the sealing parts without leakage before put into production use.
10, if not change, should promptly contact the manufacturer, so as not to damage the reaction equipment.

Reactor Experimental Instrument Co., LIMITED|Reactor Experimental Instrument Co., LIMITED

    reaction kettle experimental instrument limited , cast laboratory reactor mainstream influence. Good at heart, dedicated to quality, adhering to the rigorous scientific attitude, strive for perfection, to provide customers with the best quality products and services, and professional solutions.
reactor Experimental Instrument Co., —- is more suitable for your project experimental instrument.

      with SenLong, EasyChem and many other trademark ownership and use rights, also has a number of domestic and foreign patents, for example, transparent sapphire reactor , high pressure high temperature and light chemical reactor , micro hydrogenation reactor , parallel reactor patents with the appearance of the patent, a number of products, are exported all over the world, SLreactor reactor, has exhibited many times at home and abroad and praise.


      technology, strict quality control, always put the product safety in the first place, to ensure that each instrument has the safety and use of the most advanced equipment, and vigorously carry out scientific research in the field of research and development progress. Introduced a number of far more than the international advanced technical level of equipment and equipment. Solved one by one scientific and technical problems. Accelerate the progress of research and development of multiple products in the country, improve the international competitiveness of products.


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