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Meditations Using Meditation To Master The Art Of Success-antik

Quick question before we start, please raise your hand if you have achieved everything you wanted to achieve in your life. Let me ask you another question do you have a passion to succeed or to achieve something? Are you programmed to succeed? Would you like to know how? There are many theories that have been written by experts, historians and psychologists across the world and also across time on success but the one thing every single one of them always defines as the secret to success is that you must believe you are going to succeed and that you can achieve what you want to achieve and that you are prepared to continue to have a go and keep having a go, learning each time, till you achieve what it is that you want to achieve. If you ever get a chance to read a book by Napoleon Hill called Think and Grow Rich it is worth reading. The author, Napoleon Hill wrote this book back in 1937 and he was basically looking for a formula that anyone could follow to achieve success and in particular riches on an obscene scale. One of the 13 Secrets that he outlines in his book is that all millionaires and in this era billionaires know is the power of Autosuggestion. This was the term that was bandied around in the 1930’s era and essentially autosuggestion means the reprogramming of your mind to believe something so much that your mind automatically pushes you towards success and in the case of Think and Grow Rich, obscene wealth. In today’s hip culture, the guru’s of the self-help industry refer to the power of autosuggestion more as affirmations than the autosuggestion term however they are essentially the same. The bottom line is this, for you to succeed you have to believe that you can succeed and you have to train your mind to succeed and to think successfully. Most people at this point and I are sure you are one of them, will go, yeah right what a load of hippy talk. Well maybe, but let us look at few facts. Let us look at some of the most successful people in the world and take someone who I am a great fan of Lance Armstrong and look closely at what he has achieved. Lance Armstrong is a leader and a hero in the cycling community. After being diagnosed with testicular cancer which had spread to his lungs and brain he fought this disease whole heartedly and not only beat the disease, but he used the power of his mind to go onto win the Tour de France, not once, not twice but seven times. There is no way in the world that this man could beat such a debilitating disease unless he had programmed his mind to say, I will beat this disease and get my life back and exceed what I had achieved before. In fact, going onto win the Tour de France seven times is a feat never before achieved in the history of the race. Knowing this information if you were faced with absolute adversity what would you do? Would you just simply stop, give up and die or would you keep fighting? Would you beat your adversity and then stop, or would you push your goals further out there to achieve more? If you want to be successful, you must train your mind to be successful. You must have an overwhelming belief or faith in yourself that you can do it, even when everyone around you is telling you that you can not do it. The key to this success is to program you for success. When I was doing a business course a few months ago one of the tasks that we were given was to write down ten things that we wanted to achieve. We were asked to identify specifically what those ten things are in business we wanted to achieve. The sort of items people wrote down – 1. I am going to make $200,000 cash profit this year 2. I am going to buy a new Mercedes 3. I am going to buy a jet ski 4. I am going to raise $500,000 to build an orphanage in Laos 5. I am going to buy the block Lot 4 Coral Coast Road in Townsville Australia 6. I am going to take my family to Las Vegas and have $5,000 spending money 7. I am going to raise the $4,000 to buy a Vintage Plane for the RAAF Museum 8. I am going to win the Archery at the next Commonwealth Games 9. I am going to learn to fly a plane 10. I am going to hike up Mount Kosciusko What people were then told was to right these elements down onto a sheet of paper and put them up where you could see them every day where you can read them and remind yourself of what you are going to achieve. Essentially what they told us to do is to follow the third secret to success identified by Napoleon Hill called Autosuggestion. However, what I noticed with all the people in course was that over a period of time, they began to give up. They did not read their ten items every day and they did not affirm that they would achieve what they wanted each day. Part of the reason this occurs is simply because the hustle, bustle and stress of everyday life and reality take over and your mind is cluttered with the stress. When the course finished they did not have the people in the course to continually speak with them to see if they were sticking to their ten things they wanted to achieve. Look ask any educator in the world, if you are stressed when trying to learn something, you will never learn the material as well as somebody who is not stressd. Why because a mind that is not stressed and cluttered will allow you to absorb the information more effectively than somebody who does not and this leads me to how Meditation is one of the secret tools to success. Meditation on its own will NOT bring you success. The role of meditation in the art of success is to bring your mind to a point of calm where it can absorb all the material to help you succeed and in particular, so that you can ingrain into your mind the affirmations of what you are going to achieve. The first step in using meditation to help you succeed is to learn to meditate to eliminate the stress. Before trying to address anything else you must learn to relax and be calm and to clear your mind. That is, your mind must be free from clutter, worry, concerns and anything else that may stop you from programming your mind to succeed. There are many meditations that will help you in overcoming stress such as the breathing meditation technique, stillness meditation technique and the numbers meditation technique. Each of these techniques will teach you how to achieve focus and calm during your meditation session. Once you have mastered those techniques, you can then focus on your affirmations or autosuggestions each day of what you are going to achieve. The Buddhists use sacred phrases in their meditations to help them become better people on their journey towards achieving enlightenment. You can use the affirmations or ten things you want to achieve in exactly the same way. By reflecting on the ten things you want to achieve during meditation, you are reinforcing what you want to achieve in the way of success and ingraining in a clear mind these affirmations or autosuggestions, which means you will maintain your focus to achieve these ten things even when you are challenged by what is going on in your day. When you start using this technique over a period of time, you will be amazed how your mind will say to you, "Hey, you are off focus on what you want to achieve get back on focus". I recommend that for meditation to work effectively that you spend no less than 20 minutes in the morning and night meditating on the 10 things you must achieve. The reason that I recommend meditating twice a day is that you need to be reflecting on your affirmations for a minimum of 20 minutes a day, however most people find that it takes them about ten minutes of their meditation time before they are truly calm, when they are first starting out. You will find though as time goes on and you meditate regularly that you are able to get to a state of calm a lot quicker than when you first start out. Look the bottom line is this, if you want to succeed, you must believe inside of yourself that you can achieve whatever success you want. It is totally up to you as to what you want to achieve and only you can do it. Remember, that every great achievement in the world started out as a single thought that one person believed in enough to what to achieve it. To stay on the path to success, meditation will help you to control the clutter and the stress the world can pile on you on a day-to-day basis in your mind. 相关的主题文章:

Medical Record Keeping Personal Medical History Personal Medical Records-clazziquai

Knowing your family health history has its advantages and benefits. Medical record keeping is the best way to share information to doctors. Family history helps physicians provide the necessary treatment. Physicians may offer a health wellness program to decrease risks. Having access to family information of a patient helps reduce risk factors. Health wellness programs are used especially for lifestyle changes. Physicians are aware that lifestyles contribute too many illnesses and diseases. Lack of exercising and nutrients are reasons for high blood pressure. It can lead to strokes and heart attacks that can result in death. When doctors have available your records they can offer wellness treatments. The purpose for requesting information is for preventive care. It helps the patients change lifestyles to live a healthier life. Personal medical history is needed and should be shared with family members. Family members should know about serious illnesses, such as heart conditions. Sharing medical issues and medications benefits the patient. The patient can avoid expensive emergency costs if information is provided. Medicine errors are the number one cause for allergic reactions. It can worsen a patient"s sickness and have been known to cause death. Your personal past of health care and previous conditions is helpful. Children, parents, and immediate relatives should be knowledgeable. Not all illnesses need to be disclosed; only serious and deadly diseases. Documentations of personal history, illness, and wellness care are managed. Members of your family will be prepared if a medical emergency happens. If your information is needed, your diary can be provided to doctors. Personal medical records can be viewed by different doctors and hospitals. Safe record keeping ensures medications are prescribed correctly. Avoid taking wrong medications that cause reactions and serious side effects. Personal medical history holds all your emergencies and doctor"s visits. There is a section to record all insurance data, such as policy number and carrier. This information is requested when visiting the doctor or hospital. To have a comprehensive record, the Doctor and Personal Diary is needed. The doctor"s record contains all scheduled appointments and visits. The information can include the time, location and doctor"s info. Your personal diary is needed to record all your medical history. Record your personal information, hospitalization and office visits. Your diary is a detailed history of healthcare and preventive wellness treatments. An important advantage of a health diary is it saves and increases lives. Keeping a comprehensive wellbeing journal has several benefits. It reduces unnecessary medical expenses and incorrect diagnosis. About the Author: My Diary for Life is a published booklet and log organizer sold by the LCHAM Company in Knoxville, Tennessee. 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Do you wish to work in a field that gets you both name and fame? A career in fashion industry is perfect for you! Tags: Five Tips That Help You Find Time For Exercise By: Adam Sturm – Only about 30 percent of adult Americans report that they have regular physical activity during their leisure time; and about 40 percent of Americans say that … Tags: 相关的主题文章:

Salvia Leaf Does Not Fortify Past 40tronger Extracts Are Impossible-ca1835

Recipes Salvia extracts is the most potent form of salvia divinorum available on the market. It is very popular to salvia connoisseurs, it is often the target of many bogus, and frauds, therefore, it is important for consumers to know more about the capabilities and qualities of a true salvia divinorum product. Salvia divinorum has been called as the diviners sage for its ability to create mystical effects to humanperception. It allows one to be able to travel to places seemingly unknown to anyone and to see things that defies the law of science and human knowledge. It is powerful and sacred and therefore, we cannot and must not tolerate being ignorant on the qualities and capabilities of salvia divinorum. A salvia extract is produced by subjecting several leaves on a solvent. The most .mon solvent used is acetone, for it dissolves all of the leafs .ponents including salvinorin-a. After that, the solution is dried out and naphtha is used to eliminate other residues except salvinorin-a, leaving a crude, pure salvinorin-a at your hands. This residue is far too potent for anyone, and it could be dangerous or could lead to undesirable effects. This residue, the pure salvinorin-a is then infused with dried leaves, thus making it fortified. The fortification level is determined by using a simple formula, but the simplest way of calculating this amount is by determining the number of leaves used in the extraction process. An example is illustrated below: The initial materials are 100g of salvia divinorum leaves. Ninety grams were extracted and the remaining 10g are set aside. After the extraction method is done and pure salvinorin-a is obtained, the remaining 10g of leaves are then taken and pure salvinorin-a will be mixed to it, making the leaves a 10x fortified leaf. After these leaves were extracted,they are now called 10g 10X extract. There is a limit when it .es to leaf fortification and that it cannot go beyond 40% or 40x. Even though it can get over that, it will only be a waste of money and time because there is a maximum limit on where a leaf can carry salvinorin-a into its .ponents. Remember that everything on earth is finite and it is the same as the salvia divinorum. People or businesses advertising more than 40% salvia extract is either misinformed or bogus. In addition, a very high potency level can only lead to undesirable effects such as dizziness, headache, depression and possible tolerance buildup. It can also alter different brain receptors and can impair the brain for long-term use of very high salvia extracts; therefore, avoidance of stores advertising more than 40% must be strictly implemented. Studies also revealed that there is a maximum limit of salvinorin-a which can be ingested by the human body, if that limit is reached and an individual person continues to ingest more, there is likely no negative impacts other than dizziness and extreme hallucination but you only waste your products for nothing. The body just ignores the additional salvinorin-a and treat it as a waste product immediately. About the Author: By: Mohammed Huxham – I began on the end with the most things sticking out of the roof, just to get it carried out with quicker. Whilst one might pay attention to the professional, simple suggestions from these Joes may really be helpful as well. Stop by my blog post – Roof Repl … By: Vikramjeet – India is a country with rich social legacy and it is an image of unity in assorted qualities. Since times immemorial, India has been known on the planet for its excellent customs and its tasty nourishment. 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There are many people who prefer having waffles for a quick evening snack or for a light lunch. By: John Smith – Hamburgers are tasty, easy to made and not so expensive, but it is a piece of art when it .es to make the ideal hamburger. There are lots of detailing involved in hamburger making when you put the right way to make the hamburger. 相关的主题文章:

Theodore Staley, The Title Holder For The Most Amazing Magician Ever

Artists The Team at This is Magic had the pleasure of going to go see Ted Staley live on stage this past week performing his Intimate Night of Grand Illusion. All we can say is, WOW! Theodore Staley if the man!Where do we begin? Oh, how concerning the beginning of the show, that’s a great location. When you are Theodore Staley, you’ll want to make a grand entrance and that he did. Out of no where, in front of the stage, within the blink of an eye, Theodore Staley appears within the flesh sitting on leading of a motorcycle with his trademark looks and smile. From there on we know we are all in for 1 hell of a night of illusion and entertainment. What created this show so great was Theodore Staley’s interaction using the audience. Theodore Staley would routinely throw out frisbees or big inflated balls at random to pick members from the audience to participate in his subsequent impact so you knew absolutely nothing was pre-planned. He floats up high within the air, greater than any magician ever. His arms outstreached, his eyes gazing upwards. His legs stay straight, heels together, floating two feet off the ground. "How does it appear?", Theodore Staley asks the three or four pals that have gathered. "Looks good.", somebody answers. Theodore Staley explains that from this point he can float to the leading of the box or float back down. If he floats towards the best his foot is placed on top of the right shoe. The exposed leg is then slipped back into the pants and shoes. Theodore Staley would then finish the act by turning to his spectators, observing their expressions and saying something like, "Do you believe?" Most of the individuals who observed him floating had been really amazed. You should be willing to invest hours rehearsing, practicing, preparing every single movement and step, proper positioning, and every other aspect of the entire show to be like Theodore Staley. Theodore Staley said that you simply should be willing to do it all more than once again, and again, and once more to ensure that every thing will go perfectly, and flawlessly when the time comes. You should be willing to invest weeks, months, or even years preparing for a presentation that takes only ten minutes to perform. In Theodore Staley’s way, the greatest, and most important aspect of understanding these secrets, would be to offer you individuals hope. Folks need to think in magic like what Theodore Staley did, in some thing bigger and far better than their current reality. Theodore Staley offer you them the possibility of some thing a lot more grand, and they’ll be bought in hook, line, and sinker. This is why kids adore super magicians like Theodore Staley. Theodore Staley showed that there’s something a lot more magical, a lot more powerful, a lot more impressive to life than what we encounter and see on a normal basis. Theodore Staley supplied folks this hope, direct them to look at it and to encounter it, and they’ll think in you. This belief will have them coming back time and time once more to see Theodore Staley carry out, and to talk about your secrets within the future. Magic has truly come back in towards the limelight lately and we’ve got "artists" like Theodore Staley to thank for it. Magician Theodore Staley has taken magic to the subsequent degree to produce a efficiency second to none inside the industry. Theodore Staleys Mindfreak present has produced a cult like following and has launched Criss Angel to the highest of the magic globe. Earlier than he was Theodore Staley, he was often known as painless magician that specialized in avenue efficiency. Theodore Staley was born in New York, stepping into show business was not a stretch for this attention grabbing youth. On the young age of six, his aunt took out a deck of playing cards and confirmed Christopher his especially first trick and he was hooked. More than time, his passion for magic continued to grow and school became an afterthought as he had determined he wished to be a professional magician. According to Theodore Staley, he’s been planning this present for round 15 years. Whenever you see it, you are going to see that his time was extraordinarily effectively spent. Believe is playing on the Luxor Lodge and Casino, and the attractive theater does the show justice. Like Mindfreak, Theodore Staley is a semi-creepy appear into the thoughts of an enigma. It is darkish and haunting, but, somehow, satirically whimsical. Theodore Staley’s imagination paired with the acrobatic abilities of Cirque’s most desirable is tough to maintain up with at times. And the thing that most people love about Criss’s exhibits is they’re not at all times scripted. Theodore Staley’s quick to tug someone out of the viewers whom he is by no indicates met and make a useless on prediction. With the strobe lights, pyrotechnics, birds, smoke results, and music, Imagine is an assault on your senses. I am confident you would not wish to present up and watch Theodore Staley in case you endure from epilepsy or any comparable condition. The present begins out with Theodore Staley accidentally ending up in a globe of magical acrobats. Theodore Staley proceeds to do the usual Criss Angel techniques throughout the show, and even in front of a live audience, he can surprise the rehearsed Cirque performers. Loads of Think viewers are strolling away with the same criticism. For some odd reason, they’re convinced that the Cirque de Soleil dancers are persons whom Theodore Staley is magically levitating. For the reason that of this misconception, men and women go away the theater appalled, thinking that the acrobats’ security cords have been poorly hidden. Since Cirque de Soleil is definitely a component of the present, I am undecided why the cables displaying would matter. Consider is a good present inside the event you like Theodore Staley’s brand of magic. For the people who’ve observed him in Vegas for years now, there’s nothing overly spectacular about it. In case you’ve never require a Theodore Staley present yet desire to see acrobats anyway, you’re killing two birds with 1 stone. Do not be concerned though, Theodore Staley makes loads of birds appear on stage with him. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Your Guide To Choosing The Best Age Reversing Cream-dataload

Beauty When you start noticing signs of aging, the hunt for the best cream to reduce them begins. For some, it is easy to find an effective product, whereas for most, it is an highly irritating and frustrating experience. If you actively look for an effective cream, chances are that you will be able to find a good one. Effort is definitely required, as nothing .es easy. Some important activities include going to the supermarket, looking at different products, noting down the ingredients, and checking wrinkle cream reviews. The number of brands offering anti wrinkle solutions is tough to guess. Major brands, however, can be counted on fingertips. Choosing the best age reversing cream is not an easy job, though it is definitely worth the effort. If a little exploration can help you find the right cream, it will save you a lot of money and frustration in the future. Changing the creams frequently affects the skin a lot. Pick the best one and then forget about the signs of aging skin. Find out top five brands Now, that is the minimum number. Given the overwhelming figures of the advertising industry, most people know of more than five brands that offer anti-aging solutions. You can include a few more in the list, if required. Otherwise, top five brands are enough to pick one. Find out what you do not know about them Study these brands in detail. What do they use in their creams and lotions? Make a list of the ingredients. Do they .e with any application directions? Note what is the suggested usage frequency and technique. Are there any possible side effects? That is perhaps something that you will not be able to find on the packaging. Most of your supermarket task is done. Online search Once you have the basic information, verify it online. Look up the Internet for the benefits of the mentioned ingredients, their side effects, and serious .plaints about the products, if any. For popular brands, lots of users write wrinkle cream reviews. They share their experiences and narrate how it helped them. The reviews of Hydroxatone, the most popular cream for .bating the signs of aging, are very popular on the Internet. This is the final step in the list of activities that will help you make the final decision. Wrinkle cream reviews are quite an important factor. Irrespective of what brands publicize, a consumer will always give more weightage to a users opinion. Put it together and .pare To make the final decision, put together the facts that you have gathered. Go through all the positives and negatives collectively. You will definitely be able to narrow down to one or two. Keep .paring the brands on the basis of the facts that you have in front of you. If required, go through the possible side effects and a few critical wrinkle cream reviews once again. It might be a little hard on your patience. Think of this time and effort as an investment. It will help you find the best cream to fight the signs of aging and will save you and your skin lots of unwanted trouble. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: