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The media enterprises in Europe buy buy buy the acquisition of new network in the world without end

The media enterprises in Europe "buy buy buy": the acquisition of desire like new network world without end – Reference News Network October 1st, Hong Kong media reported that from the football club to the robot factory, and then to the private banking business to buy, Chinese European assets desire seems to be world without end. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" website reported on September 26th, in Europe, on the one hand, China panic buying European assets for them is a good deal; on the other hand, they are increasingly worried about Chinese will best buy europe. Last year, Beijing announced the China made 2025 action initiative, which is an ambitious plan to promote China to become a world power in 10 years. Since then, this complex sentiment in Europe further intensified. The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China has held a round table meeting to discuss the industrial revolution in china". The president of the European Chamber of Commerce Chinese Joerg Wu said: "looks like a Turk? Chinese was holding a shopping list is very long." He said that this may exacerbate the outside world, "Red China will buy Europe" concerns. In May this year, China appliance manufacturers Midea Group announced the acquisition of German robot maker KUKA after the controversy. This is one of China’s largest investment in europe. Wuttke said: "for Chinese investors, the purchase of European airports is normal, but it is difficult to imagine European companies doing the same thing in china." He has been calling for equal treatment for European companies in china. The European Union Chamber of Commerce Chinese annual report released this month, so far this year, Chinese enterprise investment in Europe has reached 110 cases, whether completed or upcoming investment case, "this is a very strong year". The report said the economic downturn, unfriendly treatment and the RMB exchange rate fluctuations in the test of European companies in china. Reported that after the European sovereign debt crisis in Europe, especially in China’s private and public enterprises become more money, the European corporate assets are increasingly attractive to Chinese enterprises. China has now become the world’s second largest economy. European companies have become the most popular target for Chinese companies, the acquisition of them can diversify their investment and become a shortcut to enhance the value chain. The general manager of Zhejiang Tonglu County high luggage maker Holdings Limited Pan Aifang made a wise choice in 2011, seized the acquisition of 1993 was founded in Antwerp in Belgium haygreen brand opportunities. Pan Aifang said: in 2008 the global financial crisis swept overseas markets, our exports fell sharply. This allows us to recognize the OEM production mode, we are in the low-end of the value chain, in each round of market volatility, destined to be the greatest impact." Since then, high holding began looking for opportunities to buy ready-made brand, and the emphasis shifted from low value-added OEM production mode. In 2011 the European debt crisis brings opportunities to it, the company did not hesitate to buy a brand haygreen. Pan Aifang said that after spending $60 million to acquire the company to upgrade its own market相关的主题文章:

Tianjin, a serious violation of officials to play a pattern to sing the first song – Sohu news christie stevens

Tianjin officials play tricks to serious discipline: sing the first song – Sohu news the day before, the Tianjin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of Tianjin City Investment Promotion Office of the former Bureau inspector Wang Fuqiang serious violation case notification. The circular pointed out that Wang Fuqiang, a serious violation of the spirit of the central eight provisions of illegal bookmaking and hold a golf membership card after eighteen big party repeatedly accept private boss invited to play golf; in the official activities of super standard accommodation and transportation arrangement, large waste of public funds, engage in wasteful. Violation of organizational discipline, the long-term lack of transfer of wages in accordance with the provisions of the law, access to improper huge profits. Honest and serious violations of discipline, public funds for reimbursement of fees paid by individuals; illegal business enterprises; many personnel may affect the impartial execution of accept private official banquets; the annual festival, the purchase, going abroad (border) and married the daughter of the machine, repeatedly accepting gifts of others. Serious violation of the discipline of life, and others to maintain a long-term sexual relations, resulting in adverse effects; the pursuit of low interest, repeatedly out of nightclubs. In violation of state laws and regulations, the use of his office in the enterprise investment, the purchase of land, contract engineering and other aspects for the benefit of others, ask for and accept others’ money, bribery crime, after eighteen big party is still not close hand convergence. The circular pointed out, Wang Fuqiang from "listen to the party, follow the party forever, do let the party be assured of the beginning of the heart, eat bitter, sweat, for construction and development, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone for the city investment work made contributions. With recognition, praise, the mood gradually big with pride. Wang Fuqiang felt hard for many years, but also to "open could not progress, pride won’t lag behind the" age, "it is time to take a rest, enjoy the" start ", no longer devote themselves to learning, no temper party, instead of chasing the so-called" realistic and comfortable enjoyment of life. ". Wang Fuqiang ignored the party discipline and the spirit of the central eight provisions, the vulgar pursuit of life when, to "let go" and "indulgence". Eat and drink to characteristic and quality of the restaurant, the best dishes, drinking Moutai, Wuliangye and other high-end wine, not eating well will not loose Bureau; frequent access to high-end golf clubs, play often offer with "good luck"; play to play tricks, sing the first song, long addicted to toast each other, scene of debauchery inextricably bogged down in. Spend a few hundred dollars out of the family dinner, he also went to the unit reimbursement. Obviously there is a private car, the family has something to let the driver drove the bus to run. Wang Fuqiang forget party identity, their relations with the private owner, regard themselves as the "circle of friends" boss, private owner as "little brother". Contacts with the private owners of the time from the "eight hours" to "eight hours", from the enterprise to the hotel from the stadium, talk about cooperation and development into the vulgar pursuit of idle away in seeking pleasure. He put this and enterprises to work together, and engage in a "jump", to indulge in "Dude brothers" atmosphere. At the same time, the "little brother" on him for help. Send them gifts bribes from feel afraid to reluctantly, to take the initiative to ask for; see from.相关的主题文章:

MacBook will be released next month, the biggest upgrade in four years (video) shishangqiyi

MacBook will be released next month, this is the biggest upgrade in four years after the new version of the iPhone and Apple Watch, the MacBook series is coming soon. According to Macrumors sources said that apple is currently actively preparing to complete before the end of the Mac production line update, MacBook Pro may soon be released in late October of this year. Prior to the macOS 10.12.1 system update is to support the new Macbook Pro hardware features and prepared. This upgrade will be the biggest upgrade of the MacBook Pro product line in four years, after the upgrade is only a number of performance optimization, the appearance of no change. The upgraded MacBook Pro shape will become thinner. Because it will use metal injection molding (MiM) hinge parts and has been used in 12 inch MacBook keyboard support structure. Its fuselage edge will have a sense of line. In addition to the appearance of the change, the hardware version of the Macbook Pro will use the name "OLED touchpad dynamic function button" to replace the top of the keyboard has been more than and 50 years in the row of function keys from F1 to F12, and it will convert the users are using different applications based on. 13 inches with OLED touch bar MacBook concept map it will also support the Touch ID fingerprint recognition function, the Touch ID button will be possible with the power button combination. In the current model, the power button is set on the side of the function keys, and the new version of the MacBook Pro power button will still be in that position, but here will add a new Touch ID sensor. 15 inch high version of Mac will also upgrade the use of a new generation of the AMD graphics card, it will reduce the thickness of 20% than the previous generation. IMac new models will also be equipped with AMD graphics card. Previously, in 2015 appeared on the 12 inch MacBook USB Type-C interface will also appear in the full series of Mac notebook. If there is no accident, apple MacBook Pro and Air will be updated next month. The most wonderful video recommendation National Day Beijing blocked 3 kilometers, sister paper Street Pro Internet travel recommendation: focus on "generation AI" micro signal (tencentAI), reply to "Standford", for "Stanford University: artificial intelligence and life" 2030 Report Download link.相关的主题文章:

Scholars have analyzed Chinese macroeconomic data in August to stabilize the first solid foundation

Scholars have analyzed Chinese macroeconomic data in August to stabilize the first solid foundation – Beijing Beijing in September 14 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ma Haiyan) by the Renmin University of China and the National Development Strategy Research Institute sponsored the "China macro economic forum" held in Beijing 14 monthly data analysis. Experts pointed out that in August, China macroeconomic continued after the emerging phenomenon of stabilization, but the stabilization of the foundation is not solid, macro economic risk is still in the accumulation phase. Associate Professor, School of economics, Renmin University of China, Fan Zhiyong, on behalf of the task force released a monthly analysis of macroeconomic data in August. According to the report, to stabilize the macroeconomic phenomenon: the producer price index fell by a further narrowing of growth rate from negative to positive, the industrial sector showed signs of recovery emerged; the dollar denominated export decline narrowed, the RMB denominated exports for 3 consecutive months of positive growth, improve the effect of the devaluation of the Renminbi early on trade; industry production rose steadily, an mom showed up slightly in August, year on year growth of 6.3%, growth of 0.53%; August Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index reached 50.4, reversing the previous consecutive months of decline, the indirect support of manufacturing recovery judgment. At the same time, the macro economic recovery is still unstable, mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the lack of consumption demand, the consumer price index in August year-on-year growth rate of 1.3%, the lowest level since 2016, the consumer price index downward trend has not been reversed; two is the scale of social financing and broad money growth in the downlink channel. Scale of social financing growth in July was 12.2%, down 0.9 percentage points from the beginning. Fan Zhiyong said that the macroeconomic risk is still in the accumulation phase, we suggest that monetary policy adjust, increase investment incentives, moderate weakening fiscal revenue targets, preventing local government through increased tax collection and non tax, increasing the burden to the enterprise. Investment oriented financial expenditure should be oriented to the people’s livelihood, accelerate the construction of large welfare system using active fiscal policy, the development of the use of fiscal policy easing orientation increase the pension industry, health industry and high-end service industry, the release of the corresponding demand. (end)相关的主题文章:

Guy theft jailed for 10 years in the Mid Autumn Festival on the stage crying mother kneeling flowers

Guy theft jailed for 10 years in the Mid Autumn Festival on the stage crying mother kneeling flowers – Beijing, northeast news network September 19th 12, in the new Heilongjiang prison, 54 prisoners families came to the prison, and prison inmates to advance over the mid autumn festival. Li Bai (a pseudonym) is a prison prison eight prison area, this year, aged 28. In the Mid Autumn Festival theatrical performances, Li Bai performed a song "salvation of the soul" as well as his own. The end of the show, Li Bai crying mother to kneel, and presented a bouquet of flowers. The 12 day is Li Bai’s mother’s birthday, Li Bai’s mother sent to prison prison in the family assistance and education, Li Bai and his mother met last time or half a year ago. Li Bai said that the sophomore year, that is, in August 2010, when he was 22 years old. One day, he and a classmate and a friend walking to the the Yellow River Road, a TOYOTA sedan door saw no lock, and car keys still in the car. For fun, Li Bo and his classmates and friends three people on the train, the car drove away by Li Bai, and intends to open a section of the car back to the original place. When the car drove to the north of a wasteland, the car did not oil, and the three will be thrown down the car after school. Four months later, the police found the car lost the TOYOTA corolla, the police also found Li Bai and his classmates and friends. At that time, this car TOYOTA corolla is estimated at 104 thousand yuan. In the end, the court sentenced him to theft in ten years and four months, his classmates and friends have been sentenced to 10 years or so. Li Bai was not active in the early days of the reform, people are also very negative. The prison instructor know Li Bai in the study at school is interior design, in order to let Li Bai from prison to have bought the instructor proficiency in a particular line, and some clothing design related books, let Li Bai watch and learn. Slowly, Lee began to coordinate transformation. For more than 4 years, Li Bai will be out of jail. (Shi Dongxu)相关的主题文章: