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Carve up subsidies Laibin City District Housing Construction Bureau Office of the deputy director tried to rebuild nanguojinbao guest news (reporter Huang Bicheng correspondent     Yang Fan; Lu Jinfa) responsible for the reconstruction work, but in a flagrant way to 69 rural reconstruction households to the bank card, the government to rebuild families subsidies into it. In October 25th, the Laibin City district court, district housing and Urban Construction Bureau, former deputy director of the office of reconstruction Lumou alleged corruption, bribery case, opened together with others to carve up the reconstruction grants shady. According to the implementation plan of rural reconstruction project of Laibin City in 2010 the pilot district, obtained a total of 380 new wall materials subsidies indicators, subsidies in accordance with the standard 1500 yuan per household. Xingbin District Housing Construction Bureau will be one of 239 indicators assigned to each township. Xingbin District prosecutors alleged, February 2012, at that time in the District Bureau of housing construction and management work unit Lumou (after being appointed to the District Housing Construction Bureau deputy director of the office of reconstruction and distribution) responsible for implementation of the reconstruction project indicators, he put the pilot to work in the Bureau of discipline inspection group (group a long blue dealt with) report. Two people to obtain the subsidy. Then, Lumou contact the district part of the township enterprises and village planning and Construction Management Office (hereinafter referred to as the town planning and Construction Office) director, by the township planning and construction office to collect the bank card and password reconstruction households and summary to Lumou, Lumou a summary tabulation by LAN please review, to grant new wall materials the blonde on the reconstruction households bank card, bank card two people jointly receive subsidies to carve up. After contact, Xingbin district has 6 villages and towns of the township planning and construction office director (are handled separately) brought 69 bank 69 reconstruction households card. Lumou bank card, has received new wall materials for each bank card in gold 1500 yuan subsidy, the reconstruction grants 270 yuan, a total of more than 12.2 yuan. After that, there are other towns and villages planning and construction office director sent these two grants a total of 35 thousand yuan. Two times before and after the grant received a total of $157 thousand, was Lumou and his boss LAN partition. In addition, during the period from 2010 to 2012, Lumou also took part of the township planning and construction of rural planning permits to do a permit fee commission, and the reconstruction of "hard money, a total of 54 thousand and 600 yuan. In January this year, when it was discovered that Lumou was detained. Xingbin District procuratorate believes that the land as a national staff, taking advantage of his position together with others, embezzlement of public property, to obtain and illegally accepting other people’s property, for the benefit of others, should be corruption, bribery crime shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility. The court will choose open verdict on the case.相关的主题文章: