Campus loan market hidden dangers set deep pit many students gullible 高达08ms小队

"The campus loan market kept hidden:" "deep" pit "students – Beijing gullible computer upgrades, for mobile phone, buy fitness cards, holiday s tourism…… Now, more and more college students to personal credit consumption in advance, the birth of a fiery "campus loan market, business platform, professional Consumer Finance Companies, the Internet financial platform have to look at the student population, to provide all kinds of products and services," there is always a meet you". However, there are also many problems and hidden dangers in this emerging market: some platforms and institutions to induce excessive consumption through low threshold lending, do not pay attention to the borrower’s information protection, illegal way to urge loans…… From the case has been exposed, some campus loan has been wandering in the gray area of regulation, not only against the interests of borrowers, but also disrupt the financial market order. Recently, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and other ministries jointly issued the "Interim Measures" business management information network lending agencies, relevant local regulatory documents have also been introduced, the system can effectively supervise the "campus loan" healthy growth? To meet the needs of college students consumer credit, which principles should uphold? What kind of "campus finance" do we need? Please pay attention to this issue of people’s livelihood, the report. Many financial institutions — the "campus loan market fast at the campus, college students’ consumption in 2016 the market size is expected to reach 440 billion yuan Liu Jingxin home in Nanjing university is not rich, she has a brother in the university. In the first half, Liu Jingxin’s mobile phone often fails. As a student cadre, Liu Jingxin’s social activities, the phone is a necessity, she decided to buy a new mobile phone about 2000 yuan. No money in hand, with the home so much so embarrassed, looking for students to borrow and face can not open the mouth, I learned in the leaflets on campus loans this form, intends to buy a cell phone loans." Liu Jingxin compared the several staging shopping platform, called "stage music" of the selected institutions, she registered an account on the Internet, and then select the number of installment in the merchandise page, confirm the repayment date and required to pay the cost of. After submitting the order, the platform of the University manager to find Liu Jingxin, reviewed her identity card and student ID card, complete the contract process. After the repayment of a month ago, Liu Jingxin can use mobile phone direct payments. A variety of loan costs, interest difference of more than 130 yuan, calculated, a reasonable plan for repayment plan, there will not be much impact on life." In addition to the Internet financial platform, many college students also choose the electricity supplier platform for consumer loan services. Buy things beyond the budget this month will choose to pay installments, the fee is not high." Chen Min is a sophomore at Beijing Foreign Studies University, there are times when she took a fancy to a 898 yuan skirt on Taobao, but only a fixed monthly living expenses of $2000. Eager to buy Skirts and don’t want to influence the normal living expenses, she chose to take ants chant installments, 156.39 yuan each month, 6 months to pay off, count down to 41 yuan fee. Operation is very convenient." Chen Min said, the system will remind the early repayment, if you forget each other, from Alipay "相关的主题文章: