Cai Yingwen authorities to lift the ban on Japan’s nuclear disaster food into Taiwan – Sohu

The Cai Yingwen administration lifted the Japanese nuclear disaster emergency food in Taiwan – Sohu news observer [network] according to Taiwan media reports, in order to consolidate the "Taiwan Japan Relations", the Cai Yingwen administration launched the blitzkrieg fight nuclear disaster food ban. Taiwan administration "bottomdwelling" to be held 10 public hearings, in 3 days, 12 days in Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung and even in time of 4, but more than a mess, turn table, yell, pushing, the frequent occurrence of violence. The blue camp representatives also attended a protest, criticized the "black", "Cai Yingwen and the officials take a year."; Kaohsiung is up to 2 hours after the flow field; Taipei clashes broke out. "Taiwan China times" commented that the Taiwan authorities in the name of democracy, for the endorsement of the real, let people remain trapped in the asymmetric information vulnerable state, grievances will burst, can hardly be avoided. Multi core disaster food lose station open hearing is the impact of Japan’s nuclear disaster food imports, Taiwan COA yesterday began to hold public hearings. According to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the first public hearings held in Tainan 12, KMT Tainan city councilor Lu Kunfu, Cai Yuhui questioned the organizers practices illegally, and turning the tea, information, and COA International Cooperation Director Chen Junyan broke quarrel, Chen also pushed to the seat, presided over the hearing "the Council of agriculture deputy chairman Chen Jizhong was shouting" don’t move our government!" The meeting was interrupted. 12 days in Tainan public hearing, Tainan city councillor Lu Kunfu (right) roar "vice chairman of the Council of agriculture" Chen Jizhong (left) hearing is black. Chen Jizhong stressed that the Taiwan authorities insist on nuclear pollution can not lose food, Taiwan, will be for the interests of consumers. Chen and the Council of agriculture officials and scholars in the confusion of departure from the police escort. KMT Tainan City chairman Zhuang Zhankui criticized the DPP authorities, double standards, control over the fierce anti nuclear disaster counties food attitude, Cai shall explain to the public clearly. Tainan hearing, Taiwan people rushed to the venue for protest banners, the meeting was interrupted. Chiayi protests. Chiayi county councilor Wang Qili and many people criticized, why nuclear disaster can not eat non food, what is not to be divulged? Wang Qili asked Cai Yingwen and officials to eat a year to say again; there are people questioned the Japanese royal family have to eat it? The cloud forest for the blue and green camps are public hearings to mobilize the people, All seats are occupied. The KMT legislator Zhang Lishan said, "the Executive Yuan" hasty office hearing, it is nuclear disaster food, but this is not a public hearing to confuse the public, she denounced the Democratic Progressive Party has become a "black party". Kaohsiung starts with Kuomintang legislator Huang Zhaoshun on behalf of the people at the scene, some even ignore public health authorities spoke against Cai, asked to cancel the hearing. The protesters also lift the table shouting, meeting people and support mutual choking and recrimination, separated by the police. Chen Jizhong finally announced the hearing scheduled to open. Previously, asked whether the opening of nuclear disaster food imports, Taipei mayor Ke Wenzhe said that the professional problem solving, there is no nuclear radiation, a test will know. Kaohsiung Mayor Chen chrysanthemum said that security is the only criterion, and the other is the scientific evidence. Today, held in Taipei, Taoyuan road and other places相关的主题文章: