Buy school district room child can read Chongqing Department of education to answer the problem of

Buy school district room child can read? Chongqing Department of education to answer the problem of parent enrollment original title: troubled parents of the problem of enrollment in Chongqing, Chongqing Education Department has finally given the exact reply! Buy school district room has been a hot topic of discussion of the parents, but to buy the school district room really buy it? Buy a house to be able to read? These hot questions to see how the education sector in Chongqing district is how to answer! In the past 1 months, the city government has received a letter from the public, and the topic of education in particular, nearly 100. Letters to parents, the education sector at all levels of government attaches great importance, not only gave a written reply, and some also sent a call to parents, a detailed answer to the relevant policies. Municipal mailbox in January received hundreds of letters to consult a doll reading, the education sector one by one reply, hot answer as follows! 1, the purchase of second-hand housing, but also can read eight? Q: if you buy the Central Park financial record Guardian consulate of second-hand housing, children can read eight middle school? (before the house owners have no children in eight studies). In addition, read eight in Hongkong home to the Central Park Boulevard high-rise index? Yubei District Education Commission reply: because of the strong demand for reading eight in the middle school, there have been around the joint purchase move households, in order to avoid constantly move resale, households into speculative eight in the middle school in May 19, 2016, it was decided: admission to Chongqing eight middle school must meet the "three counterparts" principle (i.e.: school-age children and father (mother) consistent accounts, and the actual residence proof of property rights). The Chongqing eight junior high school enrollment within the scope of real estate owners can solve the first purchase, less than two (including two children) to eight school; to delineate the scope of enrollment in the sale of second-hand housing owners, housing transfer and residence for 5 years, can be solved within two (including two children) to eight school. It is worth recalling that the provisions of the "first home owner" refers not to enroll their children in Chongqing eight Yubei campus owners. The District Board of education according to the area of the layout of the school and enrollment of students and within the jurisdiction of dicing enrollment. The Park Avenue Project F69-1, F70-1, F78-1, F79-5, F71-1 block into the Chongqing eight junior high school enrollment range. 2, into the Shapingba primary school, there is no home buyers and households to limit the number of years? Q: the new purchase of tulip apartments, children in September next year, the school is a primary school in Shapingba, would like to ask whether it is necessary to move 1 years in advance to enter the account? Because the housing must be able to move in to account, and has not moved the account, whether it will affect enrollment in September next year? Shapingba District Board of Education: according to the provisions of the "reply" measures for the administration of school students in compulsory education stage in Chongqing City: City primary school freshmen who are over 6 years old scribe nearest school to implement the three counterparts’ principle. That is, school-age children and father (mother) account, housing property certificate and the actual residence consistent. One of the Shapingba primary school is in the degree of tension of the five schools, admission to strictly audit compliance with the three counterparts, to verify the living conditions of households. For school-age children’s parents to buy a single room, in 2016 there is no purchase of housing and households to limit the number of years. Parents of school-age children to buy second-hand housing is required to buy a house and move in advance.相关的主题文章: