Brother will return the female passenger cable Apple mobile phone 100 yuan fee only to 66 passengers norton disk doctor

Brother will return the apple mobile phone female passenger cable hundred passengers fee only to 66 kind of brother back to female passengers for payment also rejected Apple’s mobile phone video recently, a video circulated widely in WeChat, causing many users comments. Video display, a Jilin city taxi driver will return the female passenger suspected Apple mobile phone, ask for 100 yuan fee, but the passengers would only give 66 yuan…… What the hell is going on here? After the video was released in Jilin, a platform for WeChat and micro-blog account on the cumulative amount of reading over more than 10. Video, a young man wearing a zebra taxi driver holding an Apple phone, and a female passenger and a number of relatives because of the amount of money dispute. The video caused a lot of comments. The vast majority of users to support the taxi driver, that he delayed the time and operation, should be compensated, but not much money for. There are a small number of users support female passengers, that lost money is the traditional virtue, taxi drivers should not have a price tag for remuneration. Female passenger was really not enough pocket 100 yuan in September 19th morning, the reporter linked to the new culture of female passengers when Ms. Li. She said that the video is indeed she recorded and passed on micro-blog, WeChat platform. "It was the day of the Mid Autumn Festival, I stand with the world back to help her sister train, carrying luggage together (Jilin city) Suzhou Street market went to my brother’s children to buy clothes, pocket left less than 100 yuan." Ms. Lee said that she and her sister from the Suzhou Street market to take a taxi to the grandmother’s home, the fare 6 yuan. "When I get off with a lot of things, no way to get mobile phone, keep them in his pocket, unexpectedly slipped out." Ms. Lee said that the mobile phone is used iPhone6 Plus, she did not get off a few minutes to find the mobile phone in the car, call so quickly, "hit 4 times, finally someone answered the phone, it seems that the master is to pull another passenger, let people out of the car and came back." The conflict began after the meeting. Ms. Lee said, will not let you give back "on the phone, she saw a taxi driver, took out 66 yuan, the other party has hesitated, did not take the money. "Delay the people live, give a little money and compensation should be, I am not unreasonable. However, he has to 100 yuan." Ms. Lee said she then if there are 100 yuan also gave, "but my pocket only 80 yuan, only to pick a lucky number for him. My brother did not bring money, sister to school, my grandmother is old, I am sorry to ask them for money." Ms. Lee said that after a period of stalemate, the driver finally returned the phone to her. The man did not get the driver was also exposed the reporter contacted to the video in the taxi driver Cao master, he said he was very sorry, but also not only did not get a good phone to thank, but was exposed. Cao master memories when Lee and sister got off, he also specifically looked at the back seat, did not find the items left behind. Continue to operate, fight 3 live, pulled the carrying of the 1 students, the military and the 1 women went to the Eurasian complex direction of the 1. Probably forget about it, this live run down earn more than and 70相关的主题文章: