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The broker "downsizing" of the storm from the top of the Pyramid Huatai sample: wages drop hot column capital flows thousands thousand shares rating stocks the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament from WeChat, "red magazine Public Finance" Author: Han Zhe (hkcj2016) at the beginning of this year due to apply for securities qualification examination personnel and centralized registration, registration system lead to paralysis of the scene, showing that as the financial industry’s highest level of per capita wage firms work popularity. But in the brokerage the "city", but not now feel warm, but the chilly early autumn. Huatai Securities [0.50% funding research report] customer manager Wang Min (a pseudonym) recently caught in extreme anxiety, the reason is that the company has introduced a new evaluation system, the company in July to change the examination system, the past many commissions many projects have been cancelled, the performance pressure is also great, feeling will lose this job at any time". In the face of "red weekly" reporter, he may lose his job to worry about, but also worried about their securities career may end. Wang Min’s dilemma is actually just a broker employee turnover (layoffs) under the tide of a sample. Since last year, the performance of brokerage took a roller coaster, the brokerage staff also coerced the average wage from the top of the Pyramid heavy drop. Huatai Huatai Securities staff to the red week reporter provided the company’s new assessment system. The new evaluation system mainly refers to the brokerage business department, Huatai Securities issued in June 24th this year in July began implementation of the new salary appraisal system, and three accessories with the new system be issued, including "basic management marketing personnel system (2016 Revision)", "customer manager performance management approach (revised 2016)", "securities the broker performance management approach (revised in 2016)". These documents have made significant changes to the assessment of the client manager and broker. Reporters found that the new assessment system for customer managers, brokers performance requirements of a substantial increase in standards. For example, in the new client management assessment system, a primary customer manager managed to reach 3 million total assets to 80 million, total effective 20 customers, but the manager managed assets should be the most senior chief customer total managed assets shall reach 600 million yuan, the cumulative effective passenger 60 households. What is the concept? Wang Min told reporters: the original total assets of 80 million can be managed to become the chief account manager, and now the same standard can only be a junior account manager. We have a senior account manager, if in accordance with the old system, the salary of July can get 13000 yuan, but according to the new assessment system, he took only 2000 yuan, salary less than 80%, and if two consecutive months to finish the task 30%, will enter the list and then have a steering. Month to finish the task, only to leave." Therefore, after the implementation of the new assessment system Huatai Securities aroused internal guest theory相关的主题文章: