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British media revealed that Teresa may be afraid of snakes hate his nose – Sohu news July 13th, in London, Britain’s new prime minister, Mei Mei, 10 Street in front of the prime minister’s office, delivered a speech on behalf of the Teresa. Xinhua News Agency reporter Han Yan Photo Reference News Network August 31st British media reported that Teresa? Mei and Elizabeth I resonate strongly against complacency, to put a flower in the home, and hate your nose. According to the British "times" reported on August 29th, Mei Teresa? In an interview with local magazine special frank, always silent she revealed a series of amazing facts about herself, including her own body which part of the most hate. She told her many things, one of which is "and Indiana? Jones is afraid of snakes," she believed that after death there is an afterlife, life motto is "don’t let the bad guy put you down". Maybe not upset, Mrs. may love word is coincidental". Last month she is due to chance, was published in the andreia? Hriday campaign for her interview after the exit Conservative Party leader. With the addition of Michael Gough and Stephen Crabbe?? failed campaign, Mrs. Mei decided to lead the lady can sooner than expected in Downing street. Mrs. Mei "Windsor, Maiden Head and Ascot magazine" the reporter said: "I love (the word) on behalf of the unpredictable nature of." In the interview, she also revealed that she saw herself as a modern Elizabeth Thi, who said she was "a woman who knew what she wanted and achieved in a male environment."". Mrs. Mei added: "remember Elizabeth Thi’s speech, she said:" I know I have a weak and weak female body, but I have a king’s courage. " in 1588 the defeat of the Spanish Armada, Elizabeth vowed never to let any European Prince "invasion of England border. Mrs. Mei shoes is the most extravagant disclosure her possessions, her husband Philip is her love of life. It is depressing to see someone else’s life "hurt by government bureaucracy", and her worst feature is that she is often late for school. She also said that her favorite book is Jane Austen’s pride and prejudice, she will give up their lives for freedom, identity monogamy. When asked whether her once said "I love you", she replied: "no woman should answer this question." The interview also told readers "love hate Mrs. Mei", "right" and "problem" of these words, she thinks these words really disappointed. Her greatest regret was that she had not been taught to play the piano. MRS may be the happiest in the church on the wedding day. As the daughter of a parish priest, she believes that after death there is an afterlife. She wanted to be remembered as "the man who brought change.". (compile Hu Xue)相关的主题文章: