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Brand shoes Daphne first half loss of 100 million reduced four to six line city Sohu Daphne finance first half loss of 100 million reduced four to six line city Beijing daily news (reporter intern reporter Wu Wenzhi Wang Weiyi) the first brand of domestic " shoes; " Daphne irreparable decline. Daphne International Holdings Ltd recently released results in the first half, the first half of the group from profit to loss, net loss of HK $163 million 600 thousand, or about 140 million 370 thousand yuan. The sale of the core in four to six line city. Daphne said that the continued weakness in consumer demand Chinese group market, the second half will continue to increase investment in business efforts to increase sales. The first half of the fiscal year, Daphne revenue fell 22.3% to HK $3 billion 400 million. Although operating expenses decreased by 18.3% year on year, operating losses remained at HK $250 million, compared with operating profit of HK $11 million 20 thousand for the same period last year. Due to clear inventory over quarter product sales accounted for increased, Daphne fell 29% to HK $1 billion 880 million gross profit. Closed shop and bad weather has become an important factor in the Daphne business losses. Group said sales fell mainly due to the reduction in sales point, the group closed 450 stores in the first half, an important impact on sales. China’s provinces and municipalities in the two quarter, frequent heavy rains and floods, adverse weather has further hit the original downturn in the economy is expected to slow down the store traffic. Therefore, in the two quarter, the group’s " Daphne " " and " the shoe; two core brands, same store sales over the first quarter of this year fell further, and led to the first half of the group’s same store sales to double-digit negative growth. The face of the rapid changes in consumer behavior China consumers, Daphne has left behind " ". Beijing Daily reporter noted that four to six line city for Daphne’s core sales, the number of stores reached 2350, accounting for 46% of the total number of stores, the number of stores closed up to 204. Group revealed that in the second half, China’s retail market is still full of challenges, will increase investment in the electricity supplier business, the new open more categories and affiliated brands shop. Daily the latest market operation guide and limit prediction will be in WeChat public number: publicize my eyes Kanpan, scan the QR code below (or WeChat search public number: agu819), you will get a different surprise!  相关的主题文章: