Bookstore lighting design should pay attention to these points oboni

The bookstore in the lighting design should pay attention to these points?? the bookstore is most in need of bright light, the reader in reading, the process of selection, not enough lighting is very painful, so the lighting layout and settings in the design of an important part of the bookstore. The bookstore lighting design purpose is to convey the book information, book show the charm, the convenience of customers choose books, buy books, so as to achieve the purpose of sales promotion. In general, the bookstore can be divided into ordinary lighting lighting, local lighting, auxiliary lighting, key lights. Ordinary lighting, is to the reader to transmit the information of books, other lighting is to create a bookstore atmosphere, enhance the display effect of environmental lighting. In the design of the bookstore lights, according to the different functions of different types of lights to guide the specific design. ? general lighting to ensure a certain brightness bookstore. In the bookstore, the general lighting of the light should be uniform and illuminate the entire bookstore. Generally speaking, natural light is the best general lighting, it does not have any irritation to the eyes of the people, but also allows the reader to see the nature and appearance of the book. However, natural light is difficult to grasp the light source, it is difficult to get enough indoor natural light, and artificial light can be a good control of indoor lighting effects. Local lighting, lighting, and lighting in order to obtain a decorative effect or to emphasize the importance of the sales area. Local lighting is a lighting used for a specific visual work to illuminate a part. This method can be used in some areas of the bookstore where the illumination is not sufficient for general illumination. Such as reading bookstores in the area can be additionally provided with a table lamp and floor lamp chandelier to meet the reading needs even. Key lighting refers to the directional illumination of a particular target or area, the way of lighting. It is in the bookstore in the lighting design can be used in logo, posters, decorative objects on display or release area, this method uses strong light and dark contrast caused by people’s attention, so as to effectively convey important information. These lighting is an effective way to create a visual image of the bookstore, is widely used in the performance of the bookstore’s unique personality display or display area. Such as fine book display cabinets, new to the book shelves, etc.. For local lighting, lighting auxiliary lighting and focus lighting can be a lamp, neon lamp, arc lamp, tree branches chandeliers and continuous flashing lights etc.. ?? Several factors should be considered in the bookstore lighting design:                 lamps?? single lamp, should first determine the choice of functional lamps or decorative lighting according to the spatial characteristics, different architectural forms to the bookstore. Functional lighting just to meet the needs of lighting. The lamp itself is not as part of a bookstore decoration, when the use of such functional lighting should try to see the light but not light; and when the use of decorative lighting is the lamp itself as a part of the bookstore decoration, should be unified with the appearance of architectural form and space other decorative elements collocation this time. Livrar, Oporto, Portugal)相关的主题文章: