Blind angle IKEA Shanghai old house is the curse

Blind angle: IKEA Shanghai old house is the curse words: Shanghai Xujiahui IKEA group to the elderly, they find a partner to live together, and the same with the young people, and the house became a "Curse of tickets". This is a day of October, the sun through the window onto the white minimalist style chairs, the restaurant has more than and 700 dining seats for the Shanghai IKEA Xuhui mall store is Home Furnishing clean and bright. On Tuesday, the IKEA restaurant, chatting with the elderly. At 12:30 at noon on Tuesday, the 70 year old Huang Guizhen and two friends seated. They had a cup of coffee and a pineapple bag in their tray. At this time, not far from the sat for a long time, gray haired Liu Shuwen took the white enamel coffee cup teeter to go to Huang Guizhen side, Huang Guizhen and her friends did not speak, it is the default of his arrival. No one organization, in the past eight or nine years, every Tuesday and Thursday from Shanghai each district, streets, alleys of the old man spontaneously converged in Caoxilu IKEA restaurant, one for the party, to date, there are people just passing onlookers". The dining area is full of people, the voice of a wave higher than a wave. "Looking for good quality, moral, regular. Bad stomach, ramming paste, brag, don’t!" Liu Shuwen in this matter "to mate". "He’s got more than 4 thousand dollars, my $3057. I told him I said before, I said this house you don’t want, I won’t give you, I don’t want your house, your house for your daughter, my house for my daughter. I can live in my house, but the house is not." Huang Guizhen talked about her absence of "boyfriend", "we usually see in Shanghai every day, see here, at home, my home, his family is small, he also lived in my house."   at the moment, claiming to be a first time the father was lying in the dining area, staring into the mobile phone, while recording the stock market in a small book, "no money to talk about what friends ah, no house, what kind of friends ah!" "House, child, pension……" Everything should be taken into consideration in the calculation, IKEA staged the old man could hardly like to remember, is written in the novel "old house on fire" but the feeling of a fling caution to the winds, difficult to meet the "old people or can’t help to, to find a lonely exit. Amazing vitality blind angle Liu Shuwen still waiting. At the age of 70, he sat alone, his right hand slowly stirring the coffee in his hand, but his eyes crossed the head of the restaurant to the distance. He has been here for half an hour from Pudong, a group of people who arrived earlier today. After 12 noon, people have continued to come. A woman dressed up to sit next to him, the woman took a look around the eyes, suddenly aware of the side is the old man". "Oh, how can I sit here?." Then she buried her head and quickly left after eating. Fudan University sociology master Liu Chenghuan in social intercourse a 2013 paper "weak relationship network in the elderly: a field study" about Wanda Square Dance Party in IKEA and IKEA traces the origin of the elderly blind corner: about 2"相关的主题文章: